Keith Jarrett's Koln Concert Now Streaming ! (and in MQA on Tidal)

Hi All,

Keith Jarrett’s label would not stream music for years. It gave up that philosophy recently. I just learned of this through my HiFi News & Record Review subscription. I've had to play it on a vinyl copy, which is fine, but I always wanted it to be portable--e.g. for airplane rides, quiet moments commuting, etc.)

The Koln concert is up and in MQA if you have Tidal.

This is truly a magnificent piece of music and the story behind it is awesome (to me).

I hope someone finds good use out of this post.
@jbhiller  Thank you so much for the head's up regarding the availability of the Koln Concert on Tidal. I've been waiting for it to be added.

First listen was in Girona, Espana. I will never forget that day. 
FYI ECM released its whole catalog, or a good chunk of it, for streaming around November of last year. So lots of Keith Jarret and other ECM stuff on Tidal now.
I’m glad others like this. I need to get into his catalog. Any recommendations after the Koln concert ?
jbhiller, listening now for the first time, thank you.
There are so many. One divide is between his European band and his American group. I'd start with any of the 5 or 4.5 star rated Tidal albums based on which summarized write-up interests you. 
I once attended a Keith Jarrett concert (Carnegie Hall) during which he launched into a diatribe against digital recording and playback. Not too long ago, either.
Thanks david_ten!  I'm going to explore this over the weekend. 
This title is excellent in any format.
Happy Listening!