Kef Kube power supply

Hi all. I am running an Audiogon want ad for a Kef Kube. I had a response from a fellow who has one but doesn't have the power supply. How difficult would it be to replace/fabricate a power supply for the Kef Kube 200? Any ideas? Thanks.
AFAIK, the KEF KUBE 200 does not have a separate power supply, at least my KUBE 200 104/2 doesn't. OTOH, there appear to be versions of the KUBE 200 for various KEF speaker systems, so some KUBEs may have a separate power supply.

I saw a KEF Kube on another site and it had no power supply but in the rear picture of it I saw a jack in the back that looks like it accepts a 5 pin type of plug. It also said 102. Has anyone been able to confirm if KEF Kube does in fact require a power supply? Also if it says 102 on the back of it does that mean it is for the KEF 102 speaker line. Thanks