KEF 103/4

I have had a pair of these tucked away for a while. They were one of my cheap finds. One has a scratchy sound, and the other one sounds fantastic. The scratchiness seems to subside somewhat if I push in on the passive driver surround. Seems like they take SP 1276 Drivers. But these are 8 ohm. I have not taken the bottoms off to see what the other drivers are. Has somebody switched something in these? They are in great cosmetic condition. I purchased them for a whopping $22 in October 08'. I can email pics if someone has some insight. -Thanks-

Check the drivers to see if they are sagging by comparing the width of the surrounds on the top and bottom. If the surround is smaller on the bottom than the top the weight of the driver along with gravity has caused the driver to sag and become off centered. If this is the case, take the driver out and turn it over 180 degrees and reinstall it. This should cure the problem.

I had this problem with another KEF model.

So just rotate the driver 180 Degrees but in the same place where it is mounted? I will have to pull them down next week from storage, and try this. I really hope this is the problem.

I had the same problem with KEF 105s and turning the drivers over did the trick. I hope it works for you.