Kef reference 203

I have been considering some new speakers. The Kef Reference 203 closely resembles the looks of a B&W 804/803 and is similar in price. Has anybody seen the build quality?. How good is the sound quality?

I have a 100 watt amplifier, room size is average condo living room 16' x 19'.

'ANY' comments on these kefs would bw much appreciated.

I spoke to a dealer today about a pair of 203 Kefs that he had just delivered and hooked up for a client who also owns a pair of B&W802 bought previously from the same dealer. Apparently when they compared them the 802s reproduced more low end weight and depth but the Kefs were more transparent and extended in the highs.
I've got 203s, 201s and a 202c and love them. The build quality is excellent. I also considered the B&Ws. I think Glenalan's description is accurate. I have a SVS PB12 Plus 2 subwoofer so I wasn't as concerned with the bass extension. I find the KEFs to have great staging, imaging and transparency. I'm using a Pioneer 49TXi and use the system primarily for home theater along with PBS Soundstage concerts. Good luck!