Kef Reference series any good

Time to replace my kef 104ab and not so sure about new kefs and the uni-q driver. Any suggestions for 2500-3000 range.Must be slim no wider than 12inches.
Excellent speakers. Faforite 105/4 or 104/2.
I'd try to find the "older" Reference series. . . 104/2 for example. The new models are skimpy on quality in my opinion. Can get a used pair of 104/2 for $700-$800
I have a pair of the KEF Reference 105/3 speakers and won't be replacing them anytime soon. I like the Uni-Q design .... which allows for greater, more even dispersion of mids and highs. Great soundstaging and neutrality. You won't go wrong with a pair of KEF Reference Series speakers. You can pick up a mint pair of these for around $1,500 used (list was $4K). Or go for the newer Reference Series 2's or 3's.