KEF 103.2 Help

Hoping someone can help me here. I bought a pair of KEF 103.2’s from an estate sale for $75. One works great, the other doesn’t. I ran a frequency test and the faulty speaker doesn’t play lows, however, the tweeter works fine. I thought it might be the woofer so I swapped the woofer from the good speaker and hooked it up to the faulty speaker, but it still wouldn’t play. I also opened it up and the caps look ok (not leaking as far as I can tell). Any ideas about what might be going on, how I should diagnose it, or where I should try and get it fixed? I am powering it with a NAD C368.  Thanks in advance.
Maybe try in the multi-way forum, they'll be better able to help you. Plus, you can post pics which makes it easier to discuss.

Looking at pictures of the crossover, it looks like there may be a relay in there, which go bad over time.

This may also help you.

Thanks, Erik.  Appreciate it, that was helpful and I will try my luck at DIY.  

Thanks again
You can test a woofer directly w audio signal at low power, listen for voice coil rub
use a fused line

The relay was marketed under S-Stop
they were wonky even when new, I would go around that as Eric said

Thanks for the replies.  I'm pretty much a noob with this stuff so wouldn't know what voice coil rub sounds like.  However, I've read that the caps in the S-Stop leak and corrode the traces on the circuit board which lead to the dead woofer.  I have a feeling that is what is happening.