Just wanted to share my joy, and ask two questions

After many years of enjoyment, I had a set back in that my Creek 4330 integrated amp and Micron Carat bookshelves developed problems. I wanted to get another integrated amp and some larger stand speakers or floorstanders, my wife wanted another set of small bookshelf speakers. So with limited dimensional and budgetary constraints I headed out.

I think I found the perfect compromise when over the weekend I auditioned the PrimaLuna ProLogue Classic integrated tube amp paired with some Totem Arro speakers. I loved the experience and found the system to be very authentic and clean. A few selections in particular sold me on this set up.

I told the owner I listen to a lot of female vocal artists so the first track I listened to was a woman singing in an empty cistern. Her voice and the faint echoes of the cistern were remarkable, I felt like I could hear every detail of her voice and I was especially struck at how the whole space seemed to be recreated making it really feel like you were there.

Another track that convinced me was one wherein, among other music, a bassist would pluck the string and then slide the scale. The tone seemed right on and there was no discernible variation in volume at all, it was all just very flat. The staging was also fantastic.

The last two performances that sold me were an Eric Clapton acoustic guitar piece and a Branford Marsalis sax piece. I don't want to be repetitive but the level of detail and representation of the instruments was simply joyful. Could you find better, I'm sure you could. But with the budget and space I have available, I am thrilled with what I found to fill it. Now I just need to plunk down my cash and then wait for the stuff to arrive - the hardest part.

My questions are on the speaker spikes and on the mass loading.

On the spikes, do I need to buy spike shoes, or can I just put some felt between the plinth and my hardwood floors?

My room is 13 x 21. I read that you need to add mass loading if the bass seems too boomy. What, if anything, can anyone tell me about the mass loading on these speakers? Of course I'll wait til they are very broken in, but I'm not real keen on putting stuff into the speakers and then maybe having to try and take it out.

Sorry - I just realized that this is so long for two stupid questions. I guess I'm just really excited about this purchase.

You are better off buying spike shoes - it will do a better job of decoupling the stands from the floor than felt pads will.

There is a plug on the back of the Arros that allow you to sand fill the bottom part of the column. Clean play sand or unscented kitty litter both work well to dampen the cabinet. Once it's in I doubt you will ever want to remove it.
Thanks. The manual says to load in small amounts and stop when you get where you want it. I'm reading between the lines of your post to reach the conclusion that you would suggest filling until it's full.
That would be a mistake.

You may find that in your room with its acoustics that 1/3, 1/4, 1/2 or 2/3rds full sounds best. You will need to listen at various levels to see what sounds best without sucking the life and dynamics from the music.

Over dampening is just as bad as no dampening.
I would like to congratulate you on your new gear. I hope you use it a lot and that it lasts you a lifetime.

So help me understand this. You mass load the cabinet in the Arrow? If so how do you go about that? I have made loaded stands and never heard of mass loaded cabinets. I really like the Totems by the way. They're nothing like my Harbeths but I like them all the same.
Thanks to you both.

Don - the Arro speakers have a bottom port that is mass loaded by adding clean play sand, silica sand, or odor-less kitty litter to them. The manual says you may not need anything and suggests adding a little at a time.
See http://totemacoustic.com/pdf/manuals/Totem_UserManual.pdf

The Totem website suggests between 10 and 20 lbs. for the Arro model. Some other models are suggested to use less. See http://totemacoustic.com/en/support/
I used to own Arros and a 35 watt per channel EL34 tube amp. It's a great combo that I'm sure you'll enjoy. Ditto what meiwan said about spike shoes. As for mass loading, make sure you use dry sand or litter. Use a funnel and be careful not to scratch the finish of the speaker. Add the filling in increments and listen to see what works best. Do not fill them up off the bat, as overdampening the speakers can kill the music - in my experience completely filling the chambers tightened things up but also made everything more thin and flat sounding.
Weirdly (after punishing floors with little spike holes for many, many years), I found that Vibrapods somehow work better than spikes. At least for my Silverline Preludes (small floorstander). I discovered this through a friend with the same speakers, and although it flies in the face of all we hold sacred as gearheads, I suggest you try 'em. Your floors will thank you, your audiophile friends will mock and scorn you, and it might sound great.
Thanks, I think I'll opt for the Adona floor protectors with neoprene foam isolation pads on the bottom.
Try not to really need them when you order. I ordered 2 sets on May 5 and had not received them by May 22. When I called to find out what was going on I was told by Paul that he thought someone else had called me. I was supposed to be called and told they were not in stock. Very schlocky, casual approach to what has made me unable to use my speakers in my new home. These aren't a huge purchase but I could have pursued other options had they treated me professionally. Big thumbs down.
You might check out Herbies or Isoclean Tip Toes.