Joule Electra LA 150 MK2 upgrade

Has anyone taken advantage of this newly offered factory upgrade? I would love to hear from anyone who has.
LA 150 >>>>Mkll or 150Mkll >>>>>SE ?
LA 150 MK11 to SE
I'am wondering the same thing. Member Donaudio had his Lap-150 Mkll upgraded to SE status, hopefully he'll show up here and share his impressions. In an e-mail he told me "it tightened everything up and improved the bass" and in his view was "well worth it".
I have the LAP-150MkII which I wanted to upgrade to the 300. However the phono section in the MkII doesn't have enough room for the Auricaps so I upgraded to the Sig. as I don't want want another piece of equipment around as I don't have room for it. I am very glad with the Sig upgrade as I feel it brings me 90% of the way to the 300. The best preamp I have owned. Don
I agree with Donaudio. I own LA-300ME and its the best, simpy the best preamp I ever owned. I owned before Capri by Jeff Rowland. Recently, I auditioned, for a few minutes admittedly, LA-150SE and its texture is almost identical to LA-300ME. "300" has better dynamics and clearly better bass - but not by much. I prefer "300" but it cost twice more then LA-150SE so for money its no brainer.

"I prefer "300" but it cost twice more then LA-150SE so for money its no brainer. "

Hello Mike,

Its diminishing return law. The more you invest then less (in percentage) you get but, but, BUT its very indivudual to find this point then "enough is enough". My point was "300". Today, I cannot imagine my system w/Spectron monoblocks and 802D B&W without its magic !

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Get the LA 300. You will not be sorry. Best damn LS I've ever owned. Bettered all three version of my LA 100, my LA 150 and my LA 150 mk II.

While I too am sitting on the fence on this upgrade, it's really a no brainer for me. If you already own the LA 150 MkII, $1,750 is nothing compared to putting out 14K for the LA 300 (actually the fully balanced LA 450ME would be the one to splurge for, but damn I bet the price for LA 450ME really splits the Wall Street-ers from the Main Street-ers). I really love the sound of the LA-150 Mkll, but to be quite honest, what I really really love about this preamp is the remote. If I were seriously thinking of moving on up to the LA 300, for 14K I would be definitely
looking and listening to several other preamps. The new Berning zotl comes to mind.
Hello Dpe,
Today, all J-E line stages have remote.
$14k for LA-300ME? I doubt, call them and ask for demo or slightly used. Harry pearson should return his from his review etc
LA-150Mk2 now is much different then that of early models. As I understand, the boards are different - one red another black or whatever, again call them...and ask for demo !

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Hi Rafael,

Yes you're correct Signature Sound sells them for $11,800.

I'm aware that all the Joule preamps have remotes. That's what I love about them, compared to other wonderful preamps I would also consider to be in Joule's (150MkII) league like CAT, TRON or Shindo.

I know what the LA-150MkII sounds like, I own one. The original question was: what's the difference in sound between the 150MkII and the upgrade 150MkII SE?

I prefer the SE to the prevous MKII, it is better to my ears, but I could easily live with the MKII (non-SE). I'm not sure how much better the 300 might be, but I can tell you this, if you are not happy with the 150SE, you will at some point not be happy with the 300. The 150SE is aboout as good a linestage as anyone would need, once they've decided that it really about the music and the holy grail equipment syndrome really does get silly at some point, and I think I passed that point quite a while ago. For the cost of the 150MKII>>SE I think it is well worth doing, but do live with it for a long while and stop thinking of the next piece of equipment, you will already own one of the finest preamplifiers available. My 2cents and MHO.
Have you rolled any tubes through the 6JD8 or 12AX7 sockets in the Mkll or the SE?
It does not use those tubes; only 6350 and 6em7s (at least in the 150MKIIs) - I don't think there is any ground to be gained by using anything but Jud's NOS stash - GE's I think.
Sorry they are in the LAP 150 Mkll phono section!!! Duh!
Well if those are tubes you need for phono, I really like the Amperex 6dj8 A-Frames which are still relatively cheap - but will they be quiet enough. For 12axs7s I would get RAM Labs Yugo Ei's that are pre-war versions and will be VERY quiet in a phono stage. Roger charges alot for tubes and service, but you get what you pay for.
Thanks for the tubeaudiostore tip.