Joseph Audio RMsi MkII vs MKI

Will very much appreciate if somebody who has had these speakers (the 2 MKs I mean) would be so kind to tell me just in english, not in technical, what are the real benefits or differences from MKii with regards to MKI?
Ideally it should pretty much be the same except improved crossover and tweeter were replaced.
Under critical listening,
the MKII is suppose to have more separation between the instruments and more dynamic response than MKI version. You can always ask Jeff himself for more details.
I suspect you will only be able to discern a real diference in a side by side audition/comparasion. I have a MKI version and do not feel the need to upgrade since I am pleased with the sound.
Thx both... As per Jeff's info drivers are the same, only the casket is a bit bigger to enhance bass transients in high volumes Thx... any other experiences?
S23 above was actually listening to my speakers which were upgraded from RM22si Signature MK1 to MK2 for $500. In this procedure, the tweeters and crossovers were replaced. The difference is subtle, but quite noticeable. The MK2 has better air and separation between instruments. It also has better resolution with a cleaner sound. The sonic balance remains very much the same. Jeff, who is a very nice guy, did not believe that a break in was necessary after the upgrade, but I found that the speakers did not really settle in until after good 100 hours of listening. Initially, they produced a harder and tighter sound with more trebble emphasis (this was regardless of cables used). After settling in, they produced a pretty remarkable sound. The RM22si Signature remains one of the best speakers I have heard at this price range with a sonic balance that leans slightly toward the cool side. Matching them with slightly warm sounding gear would be an advise from me.