Amp(s) to go with Joseph Audio Pearls

I need feedback on some new Amp(s) to go with my Joseph Audio Pearls. I have a Backert Labs Pre Amp (tube) and a DCS Bartok DAC. Budget is $10,000 to $15,000. Tube or SS is fine. Monos or Stereo is fine. Used or New is fine. 

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and ideas! 

Great speakers.  At this level it’s almost all about personal tastes/preferences, so you should really share what sound characteristics are most important to you and what you’re looking for out of the amp and you’ll get much better recommendations here. Not knowing any of this critical info I can’t recommend anything at this point.
Thank you. I listen to mostly classic rock and jazz. I like to be able to turn up the volume and have it hold clarity. mid range and upper are more important than bass although these speaker deliver bass no problem. 
@funhog You have nice speakers. Congratulations. I have owned Joseph Audio Perspectives and Pearl 3s. I ran the Perspectives with a NAD 375 BEE at first. Sounded good. I then bought a Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 integrated amp to drive them. This pairing sounded very good. Then I bought the Jeff Rowland M925s--this is another league all together.

When I bought my Pearl 3s and ran them with the JRDG  M925s it was a match made in heaven. (You can find other JRDG amps in your price range--the 625 S2 has lots of admirers.)

Your Pearls need a lot of power to sound their best. They can do tubes but they need to be higher powered tubes. The Doshi suggestion above is a solid one--I have heard the combination. One more would Zesto higher power tubed amps--very good with Joseph Audio.
I am running a Luxman M-700u with a pair of Joseph Audio Perspective 2’s. Sounds great. Tried some other amps, but when I dropped the Luxman in, the search was over. You may want to move up to the M-900u’s for the Pearls. 
Josephs like power.  If you want a neutral to warm sound I would look at AVM.  The Ovation SA 6.3 is an incredible power amp and is on the lower end of your budget.  Plenty of power and wonderful levels of detail.  

If you want something a touch more forward (josephs are not bright speakers) the Chord Ultima 5 would be a nice choice.  Chord has oodles of power and is very difficult to clip.  The new Ultimas are nowhere near as bright as the old SPMs.  

Full disclosure, I am a dealer for both but they really are brilliant products
Pass 350.8 for great dynamic sound will work great with your preamp.Enjoy!
Given what you’re looking for I’d try Audio Research.  Best of luck.