Joe Cocker...R.I.P.

Joe Cocker passed away today. Very sad indeed. I'm sure that wasn't what he had in mind for the tune "Up Where We Belong". Although the band up there sure is awesome...
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2014 is the largest year for fallen artists i've ever lived through.
I hope that 2015 will be the one with rising ones.
Loved the guy, especially his earlier work. Sad day.
I saw Joe at Fillmore East and again at Woodstock in the summer of '69, during his first U.S. tour. At the Fillmore, he opened, IIRC, for Jefferson Airplane and blew everyone away w his singing AND his unusual gyrations, which I always interpreted as "spastic air guitar". Wikipedia says "Onstage, he exhibited an idiosyncratic physical intensity, flailing his arms and playing air guitar."

What a talent. It was great when he finally got sober and was able to return to the make music on a regular basis. Considering how he partied in the 60s and 70s, it's pretty near a miracle that he lived to be 70 y.o. R.I.P.
need to listen to with a little help from my friends and then watch a certain scene from 9 1/2 weeks
I had a few words with him on a ferry from Germany to Denmark many years ago, he sang a tune for the folks on deck and seemed like a nice guy.
Talk about a partier! Had just gone to work for RCA in 1973 and my first artist support role was with Joe...
I had heard he was a drinker and when i picked him up at O'Hare airport in Chicago he came out to the street hammered and threw up right on cue all over my shoes!!!

The next day he apologized furiously and then gave me a model time for the next six days...

Complex man.
still listening thanks Joe
Played "A Little Help From My Friends" last night off the original Woodstock recording in his honor.