JL Audio 2nd sub - mix match F112 and F113?

I am running a JL Audio F113 in my HT room with great results since 2008. I also have JL Audio 4ch and 13 inch sub in my VW Tiguan, so I'm sold on their sub sound and power. I am one to balance the sound out naturally, not crank the sub beyond what is musically balanced.

I keep hearing that you really need a second sub to fill out the room. I would be looking most likely on the used market and the F112 is commonly listed secondhand but not the F113. This room is 19 by 18, not ideal like my 2 channel room but it works and sounds good.

Would it be problematic to have an F112 and an F113 in the same room? It is a mono signal isn't it. Or can things be maintained in stereo

I know probably an issue, guess I should just be patient and wait to snag another F113.

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Hi Audiotomb, I was advised to use matching subs when I spoke with one of JL Audio's techs. I'm using F110s and running them in stereo, using the the second set of RCA outputs on my pre. The addition of the second sub has made a big difference. The room boundaries have disappeared, the sound stage is deeper and bass is smoother, better balanced and more articulate.
Great advice from Mike and the JLAudio techs however I
don't see mixing an F112 and F113 as being problematic at
all. Both will be tonally similar, if not exact, and
have the same design philosophy. Though amplifier output
is higher in the F113, I don't think volume output will
be that much different so to make blending the two subs
too difficult.

I have been running four subs(pair Klipsch RT-10d's, SVS
SB13 Plus, Revel B15) in my main HT/music rig for some
time now and could not be happier with the results. I
will not tell you it was a short and simple task to get
it "right" but with countless hours of
placement changes and EQ(Audyssey MultEQ XT and onboard
sub EQ's), I feel my efforts have been successful.

Two subs from the same company as similar as the F112 and
F113 are, you will not have to put in the time and
effort I have to get good results.

I had 2 F113s in my 2 channel system and 1 F112 in my HT system. I found I listened more to my 2 channel system with my full range speakers than with the 2 F113s so I moved one of them to the HT system with the F112, it sounded fine to me but I decided to just keep 1 F113 in my HT system. My HT room is smaller though, about 14' x 18'. If I had more room I may have kept them all but I do like the way one F113 sounds and looks in my HT system. Sorry to ramble.
If you have the funds just buy a second F113 and be done with it. That's what I ended up doing and I bought my pair when they were new and not with a significant price break! However if you don't have enough money you can always buy a used one you can run the F112 into the F113 and use the 113 as a slave unit. Two subs will sound more cohesive and smoother in response than a single sub in a room that is able to take advantage of it.
Your subs need to match to sound best.

Think of it this way. You have a 12" speaker that needs to move "x" amount in order to produce a certain note. You then have a 13" speaker that moves "y" to play that same note.

Will you hear that difference? Maybe, maybe not. But adding extra complication rarely makes things sound better!
Thanks everyone

Nice insights, thanks
I'll be patient and look for an F113
I am enjoying one so no rush