jennifer warnes, discs other than The Well

Jennifer Warnes's The Well is one fabulous album. Are her other albums as good in either sound or music or both?

Her classic album is Famous Blue Raincoats, which is her doing Leonard Cohen songs. Wonderful music. The LP has excellent sound. My CD is pretty old but doesn't sound bad considering. Don't know if it's had a recent remastering or not.
I have never heard her "The Well" CD. But I do have her "Famous Blue Raincoat" and "The Hunter". I love both CDs. Personally, I like the music on the "Famous Blue Raincoat" a little better. However, I feel the recording on "The Hunter" is a little better, a few cuts have pretty heavy bass. Both CDs are well worth it for a collection.
Agree with both posters comments, especially with Yslee comments about the heavy bass on "The Hunter."

There is an album called "Duets" with Rob Wasserman that contains perhaps the most beautiful recording (ever) of Jennie Warnes. The track, "Ballad of The Runaway Horse" is worth buying the album for. The other artists, including Aaron Neville, Rickie Lee Jones, Lou Reed, Cheryl Bentyne and Dan Hicks are a bonus.

If you really love Jennifer, there is an earlier album titled, "Shot Through the Heart." Four cuts are her own and accompany her cover of Bob Dylan's "Sign On The Window."

I have all of these on LP, so compact disc versions should be easily obtainable.
The hunter will put your system through a phenom of sounds - it is her very best. Go to or Ebay and check them all out.
I agree with all "The Hunter" is the best produced.
The bass however is glorious with my Maggie's and allows
all the rest of the music to shine through.
Those are very helpful responses.
Thank you all very much.

PS further comments still welcome!
She does a gorgeous, very simple ballad with bass player Rob Wasserman, on his wonderful colaboration album called "Duets". It wasn't listed on Amazon, so it may be out of print. Get a copy if you can find one. It's a great album, and her song on it is definitely my favorite! Very stark and haunting. It is called "Ballad of the Ruanaway Horse". That one song is worth the cost of the album. There's some other talented artists on there, including Bobby McFerrin, Riki Lee Jones, Aaron Neville and Lou Reed to name a few.