Need Help Jennifer Warnes & Cowboy Junkies Music


Could some one recommend me the same kind of music as Jennifer Warnes and Cowboy Junkies? I am pretty new in music types. I like the their vocal and simple music instruments. I also like acoustic music too, but preferably with the singer(s) as well.

Thanks a lot,

Interesting . . . I love Cowboy Junkies, but I really don't care for Jennifer Warnes (though her recordings have reference quality sonics).
I would check out Rickie Lee Jones self-titled first album or "Pop Pop," Lucinda Williams "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road" or "Essence," Rosanne Cash "Ten Song Demo," Leonard Cohen "Ten New Songs," and Richard Buckner "Bloomed."
Have you tried Clair Marlo or Sara K.? I'm not sure what you're looking for and I have LPs by both Jennifer Warnes and the Cowboy Junkies. Is it female vocals you are seeking and/or enjoying?
Let me suggest something unusual, have you heard of or listened to "Blackmore's Night?" It's Ritchie Blackmore with a girl named Candice Night singing and writing. They are much more acoustically oriented than RB's previous outings. They have a kind of mideval sound to many of the tracks.
I like both of the artists you listed and I like Blackmore's Night. If you can listen before buying that might be best, I don't want you to get stuck with something you don't like, but this is good fun stuff.
Good luck.
Sara K. is good suggestion. Tuxedo Cowboy sounds so much like Caution Horses it's a little scary. Rebecca Pidgeon has some similarities and a very good voice--but a very strange actor. Janis Ian, breaking silence and Hunger are both very good. Hope that helps.
Jennifer Warnes is on of the best female singer IMO.
This is the list :

1. The Hunter
2. Famous Blue Raincoat
3. The Well (new realease)

Good luck
I got all Jennifer Warnes album and Miles from Our Home and The Trinity Session from Cowboy Junkies.

Frankly I am not sure what make me like them. I like Thier volcal and possbily a combination of the music. I am not really in Jazz yet. I also have The Look for Love fom Diana Krall, but was not so in like the one I mentioned. Diana's voice is beautiful, but mau be just that I am not so in for Jazz music (at least not just yet.). I play acoustic gutar as well so I trend to like anythink that has acoustic guitar in it.

Thanks a lot for suggestion so far. I will try them in Border. Still not sure what they have.

Allison Krauss
Beth Nielsen Chapman
Kim Ritchey's last cd
Try Eva Cassidy's Songbird. She had a fantastic voice. . Go to and download some samples. You will not be dissapointed
Hey Ake,
If you have not done so already, give some of Krall's other albums a try. I found 'Look of Love' to be one of her lessor efforts.

A weird album that I really like is Portishead 'Live at the roseland'. It has some of electronica, but it brings to mind a 'magical' live performance - much like the trinity session. Eva Cassidy is awesome. I plan to buy her cd soon. You might also like Gillian Welch/David Rawlings 'Revival' and 'hell among the yearlings'.

I don't know what album it's on, but Tori Amos's live performance of 'famous blue raincoat' is the best I've heard.

I like 'car wheels on a gravel road', but strangely enough it is one of those albums that sound better on a boombox than a hifi.
One Cowboy Junkies album not mentioned but should be is "Whites off Earth now!" It and Trinity Sessions are their best efforts. You should also look for:
Any recording by Jeff Buckley
16 Horsepower-Low Estate
Mino Cinelo
Patrick O'Hearn-Trust
Joe Satriani-Self titled, contains Cool #9
John Hiatt-Crossing Muddy Waters
Tuatara-Breaking the Ethers
Any and all works by Morphine

Good luck!
Hope Sandoval of/and Mazzy Star, maybe.
I second Eva Cassidy, Sara K., Allison Krauss, Lucinda Williams and would add;
Nora Jones - "Come away with me"
Nickel Creek - self titled
Daves True Story - "Sex without bodies" and "Unauthorized"