Jennifer Warnes fans?

Recently I listened to Jennifer Warnes "The Well". Several improvements have been made to my sysetm since I last heard it.

WOW and double wow. The engineering is of the highest order and each song is lovely and involving. I love percussion and this cd showcases some wonderful sounds on one or more songs. I'm sorry that Ms. Warnes put the brakes on her career. I also have her "Famous Blue Raincoat" and "The Hunter" cds. She's a master interpreter.
Count me in.

As a side note - her latest album "The Well" was reissued last year, after beeing 'out-of-print' for several months. It is available as '24-karat gold edition' now.

Too bad they have no plans to reissue the SACD verision ... the last copies that are still available are sold on ebay for $120+ !
the live version of joan of arc is incredible. it is on the reissued 20th anniversary famous blue raincoat cd and itunes.
Yes, I'm a big fan, too. I first heard her while auditioning gear at Chicago area audio retailers, they used it because her albums/cds were so well recorded with really good spatial imaging and soundstage depth. Her band also utilized unusual instruments and sounds which are very impressive during demo sessions because they seem to come from the very deepest part of the soundstage, 5-10 feet behind the speakers.
My only cd of hers skips so, thanks for reminding me of her, I think I'll go pickup a replacement and maybe a few more.
I have mixed feelings about Jennifer Warnes. I'm not a huge fan of her performances. Don't get me wrong, they don't suck...they just don't move me. On the other hand, I have a huge amount of respect for her production values and attention to detail. I have a couple different copies of Famous Blue Raincoat as well as the recent reissue of The Hunter and they are all wonderfully recorded albums, a real pleasure to listen to.

I got "The Well" SACD quite sometime back. It did not take me more than 1 listen to get hooked on her voice. Awesome. I have the "Famous Blue Raincoat" and "The Hunter" cds as well. One of the artist whose albums I would like to collect. I was lucky enough to collect all Patricia Barber SACDs from Mo-fi, without paying those atrocious prices.
More enthusiastic than Onemalt, but I know EXACTLY where he's coming from.