Jelco St-250/Audioquest PT6 the exact same?

I have been googling around and have not been able to confirm that these are an exact match. I am getting a Jelco for my HW-19 mkiv and have to fab an armboard and mount the Jelco. I have found better templates for the audioquest and comparing them to the jelco instructions they seem identical but wanted to be very certain before drilling any holes.

same thing..both great too
I agree. Same arm.
They look the same but are different.

Most notably the ST-250 is not fluid damped. The PT-6 is (I have one).

They look very much alike but there are differences.
As far as I know, the AQ-6-7-8 Arms were all the same, the only differences were, the Tonearm Cable they threw in with the Arm determined what they were called.

It appears the SA-250ST is the same, but as Delihaus has explained, no damping trough evidently on the SA-250ST.
I would assume both mounting distance, and the Arm Base is identical for both arms.

Another discrepency I noted in some not long back discussions about these arms, is also an apparent different in mass, that the newer SA-250ST seemed to have a higher mass, quite a bit higher that the older AQ Arm? I thought this odd, as they look like virtual clones, and wondered then where this additional mass came from?

Wonder what they did, stuff the ArmWand with a heavier material (lead)? lol

I'm not even sure at this point, if the cueing mechanisms are interchangeable between the Mark AQ PT, and the Jelco 250ST, etc? Mark
I also have an early version of the Jelco 250 here. The "body" looks the same but is different- the 250 is a sealed unit. The bearing housing is different- the Audioquest features a cupped concave dome on top, and possibly an advanced horizontal bearing assembly. I'll need to get back to this.

The arm tube- my guess is perhaps aluminum on the Jelco model and some hybrid alloy for the Audioquest?

The Adioquest is also damped with a rubberized sleeve.

Good to see you here, Mark.