JBL K2 anyone?

How do they sound? I'm particulary interested in the smaller S4800 model as it (potentially) can fit into my 18 sq.meter room.
Aarrggh, are you sur about why you want that?
Love the big american sound, that's why.
an expensive ticket, but welcome to back to high fidelity, west coast style.
I once dreamed to own them. With 18m sq. they will fill in your ear drums with no sweat.
Yes! The K2 is a lovely pair. For that price no object. There are other better performing speakers at less cost. I've just spent on a JBL DD66000 as the top speaker in recent years boy I was disappointed,it was compress my Khorn perform best hands down for that price side by side.
Anyone listened to K24600s? How good are theY?