Jack White's Streaming Vinyl

One rather strong advocate for Vinyl.

I admire his intent, howeve, Jack White’s idea of streaming live analog music is to take analog picture and sound, digitize it, and then send it out via the internet and through the digital sound card in your computer. Did I really need this supposed 'genius' to piss down my leg and tell me it's raining? ;--)
Notec, if there were no digital how would they stream the "analog" from their offices?
The intent is to promote awareness of vinyl, not give an authentic demonstration of analog sound. That's your own piss running down your leg!!

The real question is what was it recorded and mastered in. If it was in 44.1/16, it is just a cd with surface noise. Hopefully, it was recorded in quality analog, or at least very high res digital. Otherwise, it's just a way to prevent original quality copying.
Honest1, of course we all know that; however I read nothing indicating the reporter understood the difference. And I hope, when Mr. White said “We’re trying to marry the two worlds," he was referring to the event itself, and not to vinyl pressings made from digital masters -- as someone remarked, "nothing but CD's with pops and clicks" ;--))

I quit pissing down my own leg decades ago, but with advancing age, it could start happening again any time now ;--))
There was a related story on NPR yesterday at: Jack White's Record Label: Old Sounds, New Tricks

According to the story the live shows at Third Man Records that are made available on vinyl and digital downloads are recorded on eight track analog tape.
what is that model of TT? seem like they have no arm lift. lots of abuse of the needle by some dude's fat fingers...