Need help with tracking vinyl

I can't seem to remove this warp and the vacuum on my turntable isn't strong enough to pull it out. Can anyone help?

Seems like a good home for some old RCA DynaFlex's!!
Now that's what I call a "dish warp"!
That's a great idea for your old LP's that are past reclaiming. I've got a few LP's I might use to make "bowls" for a few analog-heads I know...
I don't think that your new concept will hold any water.
With a wad of Blue-Tac the concept will be leak-proof! :-)

This reminds me of a "project" my sisters did back in the late-60's. They left LP's in the sun and in various oven temperatures to soften. Then, they molded them in wavy bowl-shapes. Painted, ribboned, and glittered then in myriad ways and sold them at craft fairs as fruit/candy bowls. I don't even want to KNOW what LP's were used to this end.
Looks like a typical Columbia pressing to me, should play as well as most.
The question is, how did this lp get so warped? I hope all your other goodies are safe.

Sounds like you need to search eBay for another pressing of that lp.
Even if I have a pressing with only a slight warp, it still bugs me to see my arm going up and down thacking the warp.
and I trash it for a new one.

Yes I am now, real picky, even If the cover has a seamsplit, or the slightest wear I will search out a new copy. Most times a japaese pressing for my colection.
I wonder how rigid these are ? With a little damping applied to minimize ringing, might make for one helluva replacement when re-coning a woofer : ) Sean
Looks like I can use it to pan for gold.
youknow, I was just thinking, something my dad showed me how do. You could just put a penny on top of your headshell.
allways worked on that old changer he had. Te He!!!
be careful, don't drop any fluid on label area while cleaning!
Back in grade school (20-some years ago), an assignment for program I was in was to create a product and a marketing campaign for that product. A guy in my class came up with a product quite similar to this. He put old 78s in his oven until they got soft, then shaped them into bowls. He called it a "Disco Dish" - I always thought that was clever.

I remember him saying that he had to use 78s because standard issue K-tel LP weren't thick enough, or the vinyl was too crappy, etc. (something along those lines - it was a long time ago).