Isolation products for Integrated Amplifier and Computer used for playing audio

I have a Hegel H 360 integrated amplifier. I want to replace its standard feet by some specialised feet for vibration i.e mechanical and electrical damping.

Please let me know of experiences of products used under integrated / power amplifiers.

Also i use a PC for playing music to the DAC of my integrated Amplifier. Which isolation products work here?
Check out Herbie's, good prices, excellent products.
Try the Nordost Sort Kone
Yeah, like dill said Herbie's should be your first stop, Tenderfeet, Baby Booties depending on the weight distribution they really do a great job and are fairly priced.
Mass on spring. You know, real isolation. Like say Bungee cords.

Vibration control: isolation vs transference.  Different techniques yield different results.  Much depends on how resolving your system is.  For my amp, I use Symposium Rollerblocks upside down on a Symposium Svelte shelf.  For my laptop and streamer, I use the Mini-Stillpoints on a Symposium Svelte shelf.  Symposium’s Fat Padz or Point Pods are less expensive and work well.  IME, rubber feet muddies dynamics - even with a laptop.
@g_chops I've been using a combination of the vibrapods and vibrapod support cones. Basically I place each vibrapod on the rack, stack the cone facing up, and stack the component on the tips of the cone. The difference is night and day, especially with my tube equipment, and the sets are really affordable. I'm sure there have been tons of vibrapod discussions on the forums so give it a search!
Thanks guys. Am going to try out Herbies products .