Is this amp worth selling?

I have an Aragon 8008BB that I have replaced (with Bel Cantos), and I am wondering if it is worth selling. Cosmetically it is in decent shape (it has some small dings but nothing major), but it does have an issue - which is that when it is first turned on (before it warms up for maybe 5 minutes), it has only 1 channel. After that, it is fine, and since I always left it on, it didn't matter. I have the original boxes, but I have no idea what to ask for it or if it is even worth selling. It has been a great amp for me since I bought it new about 16 or 17 yrs ago. Anyone have a theory? Thanks.
I have no idea what it's worth, but I've sold several stereo amps here that had only one channel that worked. Guys buy them all the time for use as a center channel amp.

Just put it up for sale for the minimum price you'd take for it. I'm sure someone will buy it.
I sold a 8008BB that was dead for $300 on Ebay. It sold in 4 hours.
put it up for auction on ebay as is/for repair. You may be surprised how much it sells for.
Either of the previous suggestions are good ones. The Aragon 8008BB is a fantastic amp and for someone with some tech ability it should be a nice project to tackle and possibly not much $$$ out of pocket. With the exception of the Aragon Palladium monoblocks, the 8008BB was Mondial's flagship stereo amp and it would drive any speaker that was up for the challenge. Kind of a "common man's" Krell.