Is upgrade from Revel M20 to Revel F30 worth it?

I've owned the M20's for about three years now. I really have enjoyed them, but I'm having a little touch of the "upgrade-i-tis." My question is this: Anyone out there who has made the switch who can comment about it?
I should also say I find the bass is quite fine now, but I wonder what the F30's would sound like. Lastly, there is no longer a dealer in my area, so this purchase (if I do it) would be sight unseen (or unheard).

Associated equipment:
Plinius 8200
Nottingham Horizon TT

Thanks guys, you're the best.

I heard both the F30 and the F50. I thought that the F50 sounded great--a full, lifelike sound, but that the F30 sounded unfocused and unengaging. In fact, I auditioned 3 speakers that day and the F30 was the one I ruled out right away.
I was really considering the F30 when I heard that the F32 was about to hit the showrooms so I waited. Luckely the dealer had the F30's in stock and I was able to A-B the two models and in a matter if a few minutes it was all too clear that the F32 was a better sound in every aspect. So I bought 'em. I had to wait for the F32's and received the M22 and C32 weeks befroe and used the M22's as my front speakers to break them in and I can suggest if you are looking to upgrade the M22 is a great sounding speaker. Especially coupled with a sub.
I was seriously listening to the M20 and the F30 at a dealer (who no longer carries the line)
At the time (pre Revel buyout and move) the M20's soundedabout the same as the F30's but the bass in the F30's was exaggerated. Sort of your choice betwen the actual sound M20 vs the "modern" sound (lostsa bass and more bass, with some extra bass for good measure)
Remember the company is no longer the same company as when it was in New England.
I use Maggies myself.
Good luck
IF I where you I would not upgrade.
I have had both
what kind of electronics do you have?
i found the f30 was a nice jump in performance
to be honest, the f30 was one of my favorites speakers
my favorite being my studios that i have now
i think the f30 is a very well balanced product
placement of the speakers is key
not too close to the back wall
my 2 cents
hope this helps
i would upgrade
Thank you all for the responses. I'm not sure which route I'll take, but I appreciate all the advice.

I'm in the F50/52 camp though I do not currently own a pair. It's an outstanding speaker. The M22 sounds robbed of life in comparison.