is the new rolling stones goats head soup deluxe reissue worth it?

Sam here and after running my own test on the new rolling stones goats head soup reissue as far as the original album goes the new reissue and the 2009 remaster have the same dynamic range to the point of saying they are one and the same.Have a look All they did was apply some reverb to the 2009 remaster. For the record company to release something this unlistenable proves my point that they are purposely distroying music.

2009 remaster

2020 remaster

2009 remaster 33 hertz encoded dynamic range
Not sure I follow. Mick Jagger has been doing just fine making the Stones unlistenable. What do the record companies have to do with it?
Why would the rolling stones allow this to be put out in this condition? mick jagger couldn’t listen to the crap and he wrote it.lf they had the loudness war police there would be no music left.Wake up people this ain’t no conspiracy this is FACT! And they wonder why people file share? can they even give this away and who pays for the medical bills when you can’t hear.
The 2020 version is not a remaster, it's a brand new remix by Giles Martin.  Sounds pretty good to me.
Only you can answer that question. IMO of the 26? studio albums they have released this falls somewhere in the middle. My advice is find the best original pressing and be willing to pay for it. At least 4/5 times the original pressing has better sound quality then any type of reissue.