Is Linn gear sensitive to cables?

I am considering moving to an all Linn system but I already have expensive cables...I don't want to part with them. I read some people saying Linn Cables work best with their gear. What about Kimber or Purist Audio design? Thanks.
Don't discount your present cables,try them with the Linn equipment.If you are not happy then try the Linn cables.Just a thought.Good luck.
The premium Linn Interconnects are called the Linn Silver, and retail for about $250 per 1.2 meter pair. They are, IMO, for certain a significant enhancement over basic $100 cables. If you're cables are also in the premium class like the Linn Silvers, they should work just as well. If your cables are in an even higher class, then they should work all the better, so good fortune to you in having them.
I've tried many very expensive cables with the Linn CD-12 and the best for sound is their silver interconnects. It just sound correct without enhancing anything. The plus point is that they are cheap enough to buy and try.
Is Linn gear sensitive to cables?

Very...I've had my Linn CDP on Zoloft for the last 3 years simply by the the sheer mention of cables.

Ok, seriously. Are you suggesting that your cabling is keeping you from moving forwards? This is bad. Do you have experience with Linn gear? This is the main question. If so, then dont worry about this. Now, If you dont and want to proceed as you suggested, this may not be the best way to approach your situation. I cannot help direct you with just this information. Can you add some more info?
I use NBS Monitor 0 as power cord for my CD-12. The interconnect is a pair of "Lieder" silver XLR. I like this combo very much!
I have a pair of Linn Ninkas, I was thinking of switching to Kimber or analysis plus. But maybe I should wait until I get a Linn amp? I am saving up for the new Majik -I amp...going to an all linn system piece meal...too expensive to do all at once.
I had Linn gear for years and enjoyed it. Used a variety of cables that were not Linn with great success. Never was all that exited about Linn cabling.
I read some people saying Linn Cables work best with their gear
A Linn marketer, perhaps:)?
Don't worry, I used Nordost with my Linns.
I will end up with a bi-amp set up for the Ninkas...I was thinking of 8TC for the speakers, silver streak between the amps, and ks 1011 for the cdp.

amps will be the new Majik-I integrated and 4100 with aktiv card.