Is it worth changing from B&W N805 to the 805S?

What should I expect if I replace my Nautilus 805 for the 805S? would be significant upgrade?

I'd appreciate your thoughts.
In a word, yes. I'm sure you'll get people like Judy426 bashing B&W, my best advice is listen and see. Because I have owned both, I'd like to offer my opinion. I was very happy going to the Nautilus 805. Had them for a while, and my dealer called cause he got in a set of Signature 805's. I went in for a listen, and walked out with a pair. They were that much better than my Nautilus speakers. Very impressive.

I wanted to pull a little money out of my system, around the time they brought out the 805S speaker. So I decided to sell the sigs, and pick up a new pair of the 805S. The first few days, VERY disappointed. Almost to the point of returning them. Then, about two weeks into the journey, they began to sound very much like what I remembered with the signature 805's. My point here, let them break in before you decide. I almost didn't. Differences you should notice going from the Nautilus 805 to the 805S: more bass, more quality bass that is; a more seamless sound because of the first order crossover. More open highs, with better transparency, and a little more detail. In my room, they imaged better. Imaging really sucked before they were broken in, but then came alive.

Good luck.
Definitely YES!
Thanks guys for the input. Frankly I have always suspected that the N805 are a tad bright in the highs. Do you think the 805S have smoother/sweeter highs versus the N805?
Thanks again.
I would suggesting to wait.
When the 805 comes out in the D edition (D for diamond tweeter) your gonna want that one even more...
PS I just bought a pair of 805S


Have you heard anything as to when the 805D's might
be released?

Yes...and I would disagree with Elizabeth for two reasons, 1) there is no announcement for 805D's and 2) if B&W did come out with such a speaker, they would cost far more than the 805S's and suspect they'd be more than you are looking to spend.
I am skeptical of them releasing an 805D. However, even if they do, there is not even rumor of it yet. That tells me we aren't even close to seeing one. I agree with Brian though, if we do see one, I expect the retail cost to be around 5000 a pair.
Thanks guys. Honestly I would not be interested on the 805D (if they were to exist) as they would be much more expensive than the 805S I guess.

As you now, the main criticism to the N805 is often related to bright highs, and I tend to agree with that perception, basically that's why I'm looking to upgrade to the 805S, hoping that these have a little more gently highs.

Any other comments will be appreciated. Thanks
Hi, I have both 805n used in stereo. then changed to 5.1 and bought 805s with htm 4 for center and the asw 825 to complete speakers. I really would be pressed to say there is much difference in the 2 models, except for the highs, just a bit brighter. I like both models very much. They do look slightly different. less steel on tweeters rear tube on s model, and the tweeter center cone is smaller s models. Over all size is the same. And the stands work for both models. Good luck
To answer your question, undoubtedly yes. But to sit around and wait for an 805D is silly, it is not going to happen. Anyway, if it did you could easily upgrade through a dealer or sell them here and get into something new. B&W's sell incredibly well on the used market.