Changing tweeters ... How to know if it will work

I once had a FABULOUS pair of Scan 7100 tweeters that were about the best I have ever heard. I got to thinking about replacing the tweeters in my PSB Stratus Silver i's with the Scans, but wonder how I can know if it will work.
Is there a way I can know if the level will be correct, or of the xover point will be ok ? I'd have to buy a new pair of Scans, and that will cost about $550 just for the tweeters. I can't afford to pay and pray. Once again, is there any resource that may be able to tell me if this is likely to work ?
You will have to completely redesign the crossover. You'd had to know the specs of the driver in the PSB's that you are crossing over to. It certainly can be done. But, if I were you, I'd pay to have the speakers measured and a crossover redesigned. This is not something you can do on your own without the right gear, and a tremendous amount of knowledge about speaker design. There are other tweeters that are as good as the 7100 for less money. For instance, the 6600 will save you 100 bucks on the pair and do just as well, in my opinion. The tweeter is only as good as the system it functions in. If you need resources to help integrate the 7100 into your speaker try and
A silly as this may sound, as long as your X-over is configured correclty, any "cheap" tweeter can sound good. DEPENDING on how the speakers sounds as a whole. Its all about taste. Silk, titanium, aluminum etc have very obvious sound characteristics. All are good depending on what you listen to and how they are X-over.
I would maybe rephrase it to any well-designed, inexpensive tweeter properly implemented can sound good. There are lots of cheap tweeters that sound like crap no matter how you design the crossover, and there are some inexpensive tweeters that are incredible. The new SB Acoustics ring radiator is one that comes to mind.
Yea, that sounds better than "super dooper el-cheapo spectacular dollar store" tweeter.