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Alternatives to B&W 805 D4
Another contender might be the ProAc D2R.  I currently own the Proac D-30R but my prior speaker was a B&W Signature 805.  I enjoyed the 805 quite a bit but have to say the move to the ProAc was a significant improvement. You have some great ch... 
Aric Audio Super 6sn7 Linestage
I'm currently running a Pas Labs XA30.8 and a Modwright Marantz CD/SACD player. More back story,  a friend let me borrow a Prima Luna EVO 400 preamp. Overall very impressed, a more full bodied sound but with plenty of detail and resolution. A few ... 
Proac D20 or Proac D20R
Agree with the jperry. Go with the D-20R. The ribbon tweeter is wonderful. 
ProAc DT8 vs D20R
When I purchased my D-30R's I had a chance to listen to the D-20R. Given how similar they look, they do sound quite a bit different. The D-20R is slightly darker speaker with a full rich sound. They imaging was top notch and the sound was very sed... 
Speakers for Manley amps
I know for Eveanna Manley uses Tannoy’s with her Snappers.  Might be good place to start. When I had my Snappers I used them on a pair of B&W Signature 805’s and later on my Proac D-30R.The B&W’s worked well with the Snappers but things re... 
Modwright Umbilical cords
Hi eichlereraI ended up with the WyWires umbilical. A very nice improvement over both the stock Modwright cord and the Revelation Audio cord, which I also had. 
Alternative speaker suggestion to B&W 805d3
Another consideration is the Proac D2 if you want to stick with monitors or the larger Proac floor standers if you have the room and the budget for them. They are easier to drive than 805D3 and bit more forgiving too. 
Modwright Umbilical cords
Hi everyone,Thank you so much for your input, its been greatly appreciated. I have the WyWires umbilical on order and we'll see how that works out. Looks like I will have to try the Audio Magic as well, thanks cellcbern.Bigslacker please keep me p... 
Modwright Umbilical cords
Hi jjss49,Do you know the brand name of the umbilical? Was it a Synergistic Research one?Thanks 
O.K., downloads, streaming and more....but I still like many of my CD and SACD disks
+1 on the Marantz SA8005. Also if at some point you want to take this player to the next level you can send it Modwright. I did that with mine and have been extremely pleased with the results. Good luck 
6H30 tubes vs the others
I have a CJ CT-5 which uses the same tube. Prior to that I owned a CJ 17LS which used the 6922 tubes. Partly depends on what your after. Tube rolling offers many benefits (and frustrations too) but ultimately keep your focus on the preamp itself a... 
Star Sound Tech Sistrum Apprentice: Anyone use the 2.3" platform (SA-102-3)?
I had the SP 103-3 under my Pass Labs amp and was very impressed with the results. Not only did the bass improve but the mid-range and top end was smoother with more detail. Bigger sound stage too.I have since moved on to the original Sistrum plat... 
~$6K mini-monitor recommendations?
The Proac D2R is getting great reviews and is well within your budget. Might be worth a look.Good luck 
Acora acoustics granite speakers
Heard them last year at the THE show in Long Beach. Overall,very impressive. Really smooth and extended with a natural and organic sound. Keep in mind they are very heavy (obviously!) and pricey, but the sound was top notch in my opinion. 
PROAC D48R Bass Booming
Your getting some great advice here. I had a similar issue with myD-30R’s. Bass was overpowering my room and sounded a bit sloppy at times. Did the easy stuff first, trying to position them correctly. This helped somewhat. I then replaced the stoc...