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B&W 805S vs Focal 1007 BE
I can't speak for the Focal's but I did own the B&W Signature 805.A great sounding speaker if you give it enough juice. I was poweringmine with a pair of Manley Snappers that had the Triode option. In Ultra-linear mode they put out 100W and al... 
Proac Response D30 DS
Agree with Milpai. As good as the D20 is, the D-30 takes things upa notch or two. You will not be disappointed. 
Proac Response D30 DS
Before I purchased my D-30R's I had a chance to listen to the D-20R and the D-48R's. The D-48R is wonderful. My thoughts on the D-48Ris that its plays big and effortlessly.  Its very resolving but still maintainsthe musicality that Proac's are kno... 
Manley Snappers ... good tube monos?
I had the Snappers for a while and found them excellent. If yourlooking for a laid back sound, look elsewhere. Very dynamicand punchy. Still very refined though and a terrific mid-range. Manley also has great support so if any issues should arrive... 
Preamp for manley snappers
I had my Snappers hooked up to a CJ CT-5. Worked very welltogether and its in your price range too. The Manley 300Bwould also be near the top of my list. I never got to hear onein my system but if it sounds even half as good as it looksyou'll have... 
Proac D48R
Milpai,I got a chuckle reading your latest post. Exactly the same issueI've been having with my D-30R's. To be fair I had the same struggleswith my B&W's as well. Nice to know I'm not alone. One tip I wouldpass along is that I have my listenin... 
Proac D48R
Milpai,The Clear Day jumpers are an excellent choice. I'm using those on my Proac D-30R's.I got to demo the D-48R at Audio Revelation. I brought my Manley Snappers along to have some point of reference. The rest of the equipment was provided by Ja... 
Proac D48R
Congrats Milpai, got to hear the D-48R's briefly and was very impressed. Agree with itzhak1969, replacing the stock jumpers is a must and yes the Proac's do take a while to break in. At about 100 hours you'll get a better idea of what they sound l... 
Reference disc player...UDP 205 or Marantz?
One thing to consider might be going the modded player route. Modwright can modify either the Marantz SA8005 or the Oppo 205. I have the modded Marantz player and its really quite impressive andwhen you factor in the cost, even more so.  
recommendations for amplifiers that don't emit tons of heat
I owned as McCormack DNA 500 for a while and it never gothot. One of the cooler running amp's I've owned.  
McCormack DNA-750
One option to consider is getting a DNA 500 and sending toSteve McCormack for modifications assuming he still does that. His mod's to his earlier amps have received very favorable reviews byowners. Good luck 
Considering switching from Audio Research to PrimaLuna, troube with VS115 amp
Kevin,Any chance you might be able to record the event for your youtubechannel? I certainly would be  
Upgraded to Proac D20R
joffres,I have the 1.5AP1D. They are screw in replacements for the originalspikes. 
Upgraded to Proac D20R
Great choice on the D-20R. I auditioned that before I settled on the D-30R.  One of the things that impressed me most about the D-20R wasits imaging. Easily one of the best I've heard period. Speaking of spikes..while the stock spikes on the Proac... 
Tekton room at the Los Angles Audio Show.
@pts. It was a dealer demo. From what I recall he was demoing Elacspeakers. The Tekton's were sitting off to the side wall. I asked if theywere planning on playing the Tekton's at some point but the assistant who was there said she wasn't sure. To...