iPod & Bose Dock hospital

My wife and I have been at the hospital for the birth of our son since the evening of the 18th. We've had several compliments as we seem to be the only room with music almost always playing in the background. One nurse even complimented the sound quality.

Now that we've covered the audio stuff, on to more important things. Simon Paul was born on Father's Day at 10:30 pm with a weight of 8 lbs 1.2 oz. and 20 inches long. My wifes water broke at home and after nearly 24 hours in the hospital a c-section was required. I believe Simon was leading with his forehead and was hyperextending his neck. The OB said in the OR that he wasn't coming out on his own. What a wonderful day it was. We're headed home tomorrow.

Enjoy the music and the new son:)
What a blessing, a child born on Fathers Day !!!! Now get rid of the ipod/bose junk !!!!! :)

I'd keep Bose Dock. Consider that as a memorabilia.:)
Don't play it too loud though after 11pm LOL!
Enjoy newborn! Happy birthday Simon!
Funny how the Bose stuff was mentioned 1st.
Congrats on the birth of your son! First? Second?

I'm with Tpreaves. Let's all prey you didn't do permanent damage to his audiophool genes with that ipod/bose setup.

Goodness, man! Couldn't you have schlepped your real system into the hospital and welcomed kid the right way? :-)
Slikric3000 - I was trying to keep the audio forum on topic!

We're home finally and sitting on the couch listening to the main system and a CD that my wife got me for father's day that's excellent.

Golden Slumbers - a father's lullaby

The Bose generally sits on my wife's desk at work, but it did great for background music the past few days. We probably had the TV on less than 2 hours the entire stay, but the music was on almost all the time.

Here's a link to another forum that has a couple of pictures.

Mceeljo - I'm sure the moderators would have let you newfound daddyism slide in, I mean c'mon I have seen plenty of off topic postings, I found it to be pretty cheesey but thats just me. Congradulations.
Slikric3000 - Sorry that my post didn't live up to your expectations :-) I was really trying to find the the thread that Isochronism and I had discussed my son to let him know of the arrival, but I couldn't find the thread anywhere.

Today was the first visit with the doctor and he's doing great! Tomorrow will be a difficult day at the doctor...