where can i find hospital grade IEC plug

anybody knows any website that sells hospital grade AC plug and IEC plug?
thank you
Try McMaster Carr or Grainger (http://www.mcmaster.com or http://www.grainger.com). McMaster's part # is 7462k12 for a 20A plug and it's $9.18 each. You'll need to use some sort of business as who you're buying it through b/c they can be picky (give them a name and you'll be fine).
Go to www.dogpile.com
This is a broser that if you type in "power cord" or Hospital grade power cord or ? you should get to a number of sites.
dogpile.com? Does this refer to the game kids play by jumping on each other in a stack, or the "puree of Gravy Train" on your shoes when you hit it with your lawn mower?
Brabusiii@hotmail.com: There has been much discussion of plugs, outlets etc. at the Audio Asylum site and types other than that of Hospital grade are said to sound better. You might want to check out the IEC used in the Crump power cord for example.