TrippLite hospital grade power stripe

Has anyone tried TrippLite hospital grade power strips? Such as ( I was going to build the DIY power center found at Audio Tweaks but in my search for parts I found the TrippLite website and now I'm not sure which way to go. I'd appreciate opinions from the more experienced.

FWIW in every hospital I have worked in (I am an anesthesiologist so it's been many over the years!) all of them use the WireMold power strips. They are green dot certified and run large gauge wire and are solidly built. I tried to find a link for you but wasn't having any luck.

I suspect by looking at the two (mine and the tripplite you linked to that the Wiremold is a lot more $$.
I use a Tripp-lite power protection see my system it does the job.
The only thing a Powervar[hospital grade] did in my system was sit there,YMMV,Bob
Suppliers Allied Electric, Newark, and Mouser all carry Wiremold hospital grade power strips. The part numbers are ULM6-15 and ULM4-15 for the 6 and 4 outlet strips respectively.
If you're looking for an power strip and only need 4 outlets, check out the SignalCable Magic Strip:
What are you attempting to accomplish: additional outlets, surge protection, filtration?

If it's just additional outlets, I'd say the Wiremold is a good, time tested device.
I use the wiremold 9 outlet strip. My only issue with it is that the outlets are too close together to allow use of the big round hospital grade plugs - I have to skip every other outlet, so I can only use 5 of the 9.

Thank you all for your response to my question. I decided to go for the TrippLite power strip for additional outlets. (

Well I've had the TrippLite Model: PS-606-HG plugged into the wall outlet for four days now. Compared to the 99cent pwr bar it replaced it's like night and day. Simply stated there is now MORE music. Money well spent.