Only my second post, not seeing an introduction thread so just winging it. I have a pretty eclectic collection of gear, but it seems to work for me.

To start with my vinyl front ends include a modified AR XA, Thorens TD166MKII with upgraded pulley, Kenwood KD500 / Grace G707, and a Kenwood KD770D. Also have a Mitsubishi dp-ec8, but that I purchased for my son, it’s waiting for him to pick it up, along with the AR that’s recently bent gifted to him.

More about my gear later, about me, I’m a working electrician that’s been into electronic gear since childhood, and so majored in electronic engineering in school.

I’m also completely addicted to buying gear, every room has its own system lol.I’m thinking that’s as it should be but I’m kind of a lunatic so..............


Not sure if able to post pictures here, but here's a link to a picture of just one setup.

Also wondering how to create an avatar, not seeing anything on my profile page.
@kingshead welcome and great pics! That's some atrium you have in your home and love the vintage gear! Top right corner in the drop down menu under your nick click edit account and it will take you to a page you can upload a profile pic. Thanks for sharing yours!
Not seeing it, and I've tried clicking everything lol.
The plants make good bass traps with a high WAF.

Welcome ,we have a virtual system your can post pics in .

Welcome ,we have a virtual system your can post pics in .
Ok, is there a way to access this area, or is this referring to posting links?
So in the top right corner of this page you don't see a K with your username next to it?
No, just to the left in each post.
arrow next to forum top left

Ok, found the site’s picture gallery, thank you oleschool, very humbling looking at some of the members systems.

 Sure would be nice to be able to post pics in our posts though.


Nice Kenwood rig.

Are you using Heresy I's or Heresy II's?

Thanks Bill,

Series I Heresys, I have another walnut finished pair in the master bedroom system driven by a little Kenwood KA-4006, very warm relaxed presentation.

Be happy with your set up buddy,upgrade when and if you want.Don't get caught up in the hype,or you will go nuts.There are members here who have a 100k in cables.Enjoy your setup and the music most of all !

I have a thread as does nutty as to what your playing today,mine is for vinyl only.

    I had an old kenwood in the 80s and a pioneer quadraphonic too 
with my cerwin vegas, then altecs which would peel your face off. enjoy

Oh, I've been collecting equipment for almost 50yrs, most gone in the great sell off of 2012 when my bride of 32yrs passed, the music had left my life for a time. So I understand what's important in life, I'm very happy with my systems. I've been rebuilding for a couple of yrs now, mostly in the past 10 months, but I'm about done. Just have to get around to organizing the Belles I / Infinity / Carver mancave system soon.

Looks like a fun system. Love the Kenwood analog rig!
Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great system.
Some nudies of the Rock’s underside.

Most likely should look for a tt forum, or maybe a Kenwood forum to post this in. Will check later and possibly start a thread highlighting the changes to the big Kenny.