Internet Radio - help please

My friend just spent about $700 for a reconditioned Marantz - model???. I'm very impressed with the volume of stations and sound quality. It has an internal DAC and once set up gets free internet radio from all over the world. I do have an external DAC with RCA & USB inputs. So, hoping to make use of the DAC with another ??? device.
I'm considering an external device, not a laptop, that I could hook up to my external DAC that will accommodate internet radio via ethernet connection. Hoping to spend less than $300.
Any suggestions?
Thanks and have a great day
Logitech Squeezebox Duet or Touch.
If you only need internet radio then a simple fix is an Apple TV which has internet radio built in, is wireless, and can be controlled by an iPhone. The big plus with one is you can then AirPlay either from your computer or, again, an iDevice which then allows you to stream any music service from whatever you are using.

The Apple TV has an optical digital/analog out which you can use to hook up to your dac.

Oh, and it's $100.
I do not own an iDevice. I'l start researching the Logitech products.
Second the Duet or Touch. I own a Duet and love it.
Can the Logictech be used with RCA or USB feeding to an external DAC?
The Logitechs have both optical (Toslink) and coax (RCA) digital outputs.

I use mine into a EE MiniMax DAC via the RCA (coax) digital out.
My cd playback is through a modded Jolida JD100 with Mullard tubes. I'm happy with this player but did acquire an external DAC a few years ago for a secondary system that I have since disbanded.

The AUNE DAC/Headphone amp shipped direct from China for about $175. The DAC performs very respectably, especially considering the cost. It does have a COAX input so I should be all set.

I appreciate the feedback and will likely purchase the Duet very soon.
I just bought a Touch via Amazon for $239 shipped for internet radio only to use with an external DAC. It took me 5 minutes to setup. If you get the free squeezenetwork account, you don't a computer but just an internet wireless or ethernet connection.
I use a Logitech Touch, and run the coaxial SPDIF output into my Meridian G68 and the sound quality is really good, (much better than I expected). The Touch connects to the WWW via Wi-Fi through an AT&T U-Verse high speed gateway.

I recently acquired a DaySequerra MultiMerge 1 which goes between the Touch and the Meridian G68 to decode DTS Neural webcasts. It connects to the Touch via its coaxial SPDIF output, and to the Meridian via the 3 MHR links. The number of 5.1 DTS Neural encoded programs, particularly APM-sourced classical programs, is surprising, and provides really great sound - much better than stereo.
Please see the web site below for a list Internet radios:

Calm Radio offers 90+ channels of music streaming at 64k for free with commercials. I signed up for $60 per year subscription for 192k streaming with NO commercials. The list of radios above is provided by Calm Radio to help you find the best radio for you.
Thanks so much for the advice and suggestions