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Tidal & Roon
You'll you'll be thrilled at that option. Especially if used as Roon endpoint whereas you're receiving higher res from Tidal. You may want to look at Bluesound Node 2 also which has added benefit of MQA decoding built in along with being Roon and ... 
Tidal & Roon
Just reread your system and fact PC is not local so you have to run it Ethernet into your system. If it was me I'd look at having a dedicated streamer that would run into PS Audio Dac or just get a good streamer/Dac combo and replace PS Audio.  
Tidal & Roon
Simply run Tidal through Roon on the new PC. Roon is fantastic and with Tidal makes a great streaming combo.  I see you have a PS Audio Dac so why not run the PC straight into that if it has the right (USB) connection.  
Need help with Apple Airport Express
Wow. Really? This is one of the very easiest products to setup and have extend your network as you are sounds like you are wanting this to do two different things. 1) You want to extend your network to your Marantz.2) You want ... 
Internet Radio - help please
If you only need internet radio then a simple fix is an Apple TV which has internet radio built in, is wireless, and can be controlled by an iPhone. The big plus with one is you can then AirPlay either from your computer or, again, an iDevice whic... 
Linn AkurateDs or external Dac?
Have directly compared the Majik DS and Akurate DS with the ARC Dac8 and honestly like all three of them. The Akurate DSM is the one I would recommend as it has the most to offer as far as inputs and functionality moving forward.I would think that... 
Marantz SA8004 is fundamentally musical
If you are looking in this price class it is at the top.It certainly can be used with an iPod and it makes the iPod sound about as good as one can sound. It also can play 24/192 through it's rear digital inputs. Pair it with a Squeezebox Touch and... 
DAC/preamp combo together with standalone preamp
Look at Linn's new DSM range which are basically a wonderful digital streamer, dac and preamp in one case.They also have very good analog inputs on them and even include a very decent phono stage.Cutting edge technology coupled with Linn's legenda... 
Best $1,500-ish New or Used Floorstander -
Linn Majik 140's. Retail at $3,000 and you can find them used on occasion for around your price range. Pair it with Linn Majik DSi and be done. Smoking good system that will play anything well. 
Spendors comparable to Harbeth C7ES3?
The Majik 140's will sound MILES better than those Ninkas.You can find them second hand at good prices if you look.Both the Spendors and Harbeths have their charms but I'm betting you would ultimately find them lacking. 
used b&w 703's vs. demo 804S's HELP
804's are not a little better they are MILES better.They are THE little bargain in used B&W's right now and with the right amp are superb. 
B&W 804 diamond or previous 803D?
I like the 803S if you can find them. Great speaker. 
Components that you regret parting with?
My last pair of LS3/5a's (had many pairs). They were the Rogers 16 ohm version in Rosewood and I think I sold them for $500 back in the day.Darn. 
marantz sa8004 or oppo bdp95
I really like the Marantz. Here is a recent review of it:'s as good as he says it is. 
FM Radio is dead ....R.I.P
Agreed Rontoolsie. BUT, if you don't have that kind of FM stations that come in that well then you are lost in FM land. It's the same as when you can get high definition tv over the air. It's fantastic but the rub is that you sure don't get much! ...