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Rega apollo v NAD 565 BEE comparsion Others?
Depends on the system. I happen to dig the Rega but in your system it could be different. As you can see by the reponses there is no consensus on this price point. Others would have to include the Rotel RCD-1520. I dynamite player for $1,000. 
Audio Research DAC8: any end user feedback???
Is it possible to get Hi-end sound ??
Wolf...well...I wouldn't say your an idiot. But...I have heard those speakers (not with those amps though) and they sounded AMAZING. I deal with hifi, have been involved with hifi for over 40 yrs and have heard a few things along the way. Not sure... 
Is it possible to get Hi-end sound ??
Sell all your gear except the Sansui on here and start over. 
DAC's, i'm lost
Rega. It's one of the most musical and easy to listen to dacs I have yet heard in that price range. Listen to one if you can. 
does it logical to invest on expensive transport?
No, it is not. 
What tube amps for the Quad ELS 63
Quad II's or Quicksilvers. 
What CDP gets really close to vinyl?
Do they still make cd players?Just kidding...*s* 
The OFFICAL Apple TV thread
Your thought about moving into a Mac Mini is right. The simplicity of running a Mac Mini with an iPad is superb and is truly a 21st century music delivery system. You can use the Mini to stream your iTunes library from another computer in your hou... 
LS3/5a's - what amps are you using?
The LS35a's LOVE EL34 based tube amps. CJs are perfect for them. Quicksilvers are also great. 
quad 2805 vs magnepan 1.7
No contest. Quads. I like and have sold the Maggies also but to me the Quads are in another league. So natural, fast, easy, detailed. They can come alive with even the Quad II mono blocks. Seriously good speakers. If they are really the same price... 
Can a Rotel RA-1520 power B&W's 804s'
The CM8's are the ones you want. They are the latest in that line and sound fantastic. Much better than the 7's and only $200 more in cost. The Rotel RA1520 amp should drive those with no trouble at all. 
Integrated Amp for B&W 805 Nautilus
Yes, it can be improved but the speakers can be improved by simply moving from those even the 805S models. 
Naim with..........
Nope. Never heard that combo. 
Naim UnitiQute - who's heard one?
Scott,Your post is one that is on the Naim site a ton. The only thing about getting an nDac and XS instead of a Uniti is the fact that you don't get streaming.The Uniti is great but it just flat out isn't as good as the XS, nDac combo. If you want...