Intergrateds: BAT's VK-300X /SE or Simaudio i-7

I'm looking to replace my amp and pre with a good intergrated amp. I've been looking at Simaudio's Moon i-7
and BAT's VK-300X. The VK-300X/SE has a tube pre-amp and solid state amp built in.
I'd like to hear any comments from folks that have owned or own either.
Thanks. Sally
I have had many integrateds....the older Sim, the BAT, Classe...etc. To my ear, the Bryston B100 SST is hard to beat.
Thanks. I'll check that piece out.
I had the VK-300X/SE. Depending on your tastes and system it may be just what you want. For me & my system, the Bat was strong on detail but a little bit short on musicality. I have since thought that if I had gotten the tube version but not the supertube version I might have been where I wanted to be. Good luck.
Hi Jeff.
So, you didn't really like the supertube version?
One of the things that drew my attention to the BAT intergrated unit ...was that it had a tube pre. and a solid state amp. built-in.
I had heard that the "SE" supertube version was alot better than the non "SE" version.
Do you still have that piece?
Sally - Sold it. Dislike is too strong, I think it is a good unit, I just wanted something that leaned a little bit more toward musicality. Another person with different room/ speakers/personal taste/ etc. might like the SE better.
Hi Jeff.
I'm thinking that I could get a good tubed CD player to round off any rough edges of the VK-300i. The only thing is the BAT has a 5 year warranty and the Moon i-7 has a 10yr. What are your thoughts?
That may give you what you want, do not know of any reason why it would be a bad approach.

I'm biased toward the moon because of the better warranty and because I'm irritated with BAT and because I've always sorta wondered how I'd like one. None of my biases are useful for helping you decide which unit would sound better in your system. Good Luck!
Sally, go for the Simaudio i-7. I recently bought one new with the 1- year warrenty. Let me know if you have any questions.

I think the i-7 would work very nice with a tubed CDP as well.
I meant 10 year... sorry.
Sally: I'm watching your various posts with great interest as I too am searching for a good integrated for my B&W nautilus 803's. I'm curious as to what kind of sound characteristics your speakers have generally, and what kind of sound you are trying to capture with the integrated. As for the integrateds, the number of candidates is mind-boggling, and the differences of opinions is somewhat mind-numbing. I'm currently considering a Mac 6900 or 7000, and a Cayin Hybrid H80a, both of which I've heard and loved in short demos. I'm also considering the Sim i7, as well as the Plinius 9200. The Krell 400xi is an outside contender. I've heard mixed things about the Levinson 383 and also the Rowland Concerto. Sorry to mix many of your posts together, and I haven't offered much here, but am curious what your ultimate sonic goal is. Regards...Jeff
Did Sally pass away?