Rega Aetheos, Simaudio Moon 340i or NAD M33 for B&W 805s?

I know picking a integrated amp by it's depth is wrong BUT I'm stuck with this situation (depth of my cabinet is 16½"). I have B&W 805 D3 speakers and presently running them with my old NAD T752 amp (have a newer Denon but much too thin and bright for the 805s so I brought back my old NAD).  I mostly listen via turntable and streaming Amazon HD thru my Fire Tv, I plan on getting a BlueSound node if whatever amp I get doesn't have streaming capability.  Power wise these 3 should be just fine but with absolutely no high end shops anywhere near me I'm stuck choosing by users & reviewer's take on these 3 amps.. My main worry is getting a amp that's too bright for it would definitely be a bad match for the 805s.

I'm hoping someone here has or heard these amps with the 805 D3s and could give me their thoughts and opinions.. 


None of those three options is particularly bright.  Tonally, they are exactly what you are looking for.  I am not sure that Rega is the best option because I have read it struggles a hair with lower impedance speakers but I do not have direct experience with that.  That would be my only caution.  I am not recalling where I read it but for some reason I am thinking that sub 6 ohm speakers are not ideal. 

There should be no matching issue with SimAudio or the M33.  

The other option you could look at it is Naim.  Both the Supernait and the Uniti series are shallow and tonally spot on what you are looking for.  The latter of course has built in streaming capabilities.  

I like Naim because it thrives with low impedances due to its matching with Focal.  

Full disclosure, I am an NAD and Naim dealer.  I have no relationship with Rega and Simaudio other than I am a happy former owner of a Brio R.  

Rega and Simaudio are fine choices and I have owned both units in question as well as the NAD M33 and it's life was very short in our home (quality issues).



@Verdonaudio . I am sorry to hear the Aethos could possibly struggle with my speakers, didn't realize the 805s is considered a low impedance speaker?? The Rega was on the top of my list..

@jerryg123 yeah I'm not surprised there are issues with NAD, I'm pretty disappointed in the direction nad went since my T752, especially leaving A/A/B class amps for D

It was not from a review, it is in the manufacturers stated specifications.  

Power outputs at rated 230/115 V supply voltage:
125 W RMS both channels driven into the rated load of 8 Ω
156 W RMS both channels driven into 6 Ω
Note: Continued high level use into 6 Ω may cause the case to exceed 40 °C above the ambient temperature and activate the thermal shutdown.

The min impedance on the 805 D3 is 4.6 ohms so not particularly low but low for pairing with this amp, problematic.  

Ahhh.. thank you!!! Pretty disappointing, especially since I had a line on a lightly used Aethos for $3600(I believe it’s a demo)but so glad you told me, saved me possible grief later on👍. I took it for granted being 125wpc from a class A amp in a high end amp I’d be perfectly fine.. Shows you what I know lol..

Well with the M33 and Rega crossed off my list in open to any other suggestions that would work for me with the 805D3s..

Dear verdantaudio

If I may piggyback ... I am thinking of the Naim Mu-so 2 for my living room, as a one box solution to stream Roon. I've heard that it sounds great. Your opinion? I don't mind the lack of stereo separation that speakers would offer (wife doesn't want freestanding speakers).



@capt57 I would look seriously at the Supernait or a Uniti Star or Nova with a major caveat that they are out-of-stock.  The absolute power rating isn't that high but it is plenty of power to drive those 805s and tonally is warmer and a brilliant match.  The only issue is that they are out-of-stock at the distributor.  The Uniti Star looks like inventory may be in soonish.  The Supernait has no estimated delivery date. 

An alternative at $6299, the AVM CS 2.3 is an all-in-one streaming unit that would definitely do the job.  AVM is tonally quite warm and a brilliant match for B&W.  This new unit has been worked on a long time to make sure that it is virtually bug free.  My guys at the distributor have been running it for a few months without issue and have been super happy with the software.  Silver and Black are in-stock and it would be a nice option for you as it has similar features to the M33 or the Uniti Star. 

If I can think of something else I will mention it here.  

@patrickdowns The Mu-So is in-stock at the distributor in three colors.  It is a nice unit.  I feel it is MUCH better than a Sonos or a Pulse but has the natural limitations of a single box.  If you can live with that, it is a good sounding option.  

@Verdonaudio I couldn’t find the depth of the AVM CS2.3 but I see it has a built in CD player, I should have added I do listen to CDs and I’m very fond of my Music Hall MMF-CD25 CD player so it would be a bit redundant. Very nice integrated though!!

I’m going to give the Naim Supernait 3 another look, it was on my original list, it had the right depth and is a class A amp but it’s 80wpc vs the others came into play.. So you’re saying the Supernait 3’s 80wpc is built to easily handle lower impedances better then the Aethos 125wpc?

Hi @capt57 you might like the Circle Labs A200. It sounds alive (and fits in your cabinet!).


Here's a review from a few of our very own Audiogon members:


And here's a brand new review in HiFi Knights that I think really captures what makes the A200 special:

@gestalt that's one incredible amp but sadly $8995 is out of my range... I'm pretty much at the $5000 limit-ish, I did originally start at a $3000 limit though lol. 

@capt57 Topline (8 ohm) output means very little if the speaker is lower impedance.  It means more current is required and its rating and ability to handle lower impedance is far more important.  In the case of the Aethos, it needs very easy to drive speakers or it is going to over-heat according to the manufacturer.  

The Supernait is rated to 2 ohms and is designed to be paired with Focal.  They are relatively difficult speakers to drive with impedances that will bottom out below 3 ohms.  The 805 D3s will be an easy load on them.  

The difference between 80w and 125w in terms of peak output is about 2 dB.  At 80w, the B&W will output 103.4 dB at 10' and at 125w, the peak output will be 105.3 dB.  In the extremes it will make a small difference.  

@Verdonaudio I came across another possibility, it seems to have plenty of power but not sure if it will the same lower ohm issues as the Aethos?


https://Musical fidelity m6si

Musical Fidelity is wonderful gear but slightly forward in terms of the sound profile.  It is not a brand I would match with B&W.  The other issue is that it is very difficult to find lately.  

I was thinking that McIntosh almost assuredly has an integrated in this price range but it might be too large.  

Are you willing to consider a hybrid class D?  Tube input stage with class D output stage.  I have an amp that is exactly 16" deep and it is 100w into 8 ohms, 150 into 4 ohms.  The Canor AI 2.10,  I also have a demo of the AVM Evolution A5.2 integrated which I think is 185w into 8 ohms.  It is 16" deep including nobs and binding posts.    I have used both to drive Vivid Kaya 45s and they have a min impedance of 2.8 ohms so much tougher than the B&Ws. The Canor is $4K.  The AVM is my demo.  



@Verdonaudio first off thank you so much for your help, it’s been invaluable!! And yes ALL Mac’s are too big lol, funny but their manufacturing plant is actually a little less then a hour drive away from me.. Sadly the Canor’s 16" only leaves me a ½"in the back for power plug, connections ect, way too tight so that won’t work either 😢

Strangely in my research of the Naim Supernait 3 some users said they found it on the thin sounding side?? Have you heard the Naim Supernait 3 B&W805D3 setup?

I have not hear the Supernait with the 805 D3.  I can't answer how that would work out.  I am making a recco based strictly on a paper matchup.  

I found the depth of the AVM, it is 325mm or approximately 12.8".  I know if has redundancy with the CD player and it is a bit over budget at $6300 but it does include a good DAC and has built in streaming.  

I am largely out of ideas beyond that.  

I no longer own the CODA CSiB because I have the CODA separates instead. However, the CSiB is a very good sounding unit and not too big. My CODA #8 amp is 5.5 inches high by 17 inches wide by 14 inches deep. I think the CSiB was the same dimensions.

It is a tiny bit warm and likely pair great with the 805


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I've had an NAD M33 since Sept 2020, and haven't had any issues attributable to it.  The biggest issue I had was configuring my mesh router to properly prioritize it relative to other traffic.

I wouldn't rule it out based on one person saying they had tech issues with it.