Interesting discovery when my carpets were cleaned yesterday!

I have some bookshelf speakers that sitting on some Dynaudio Stand 20 speakers stands. They are each filled with 50lbs of lead shot and my speakers are attached using some blue tack stuff (it helps hold them in place kind of like mounting them with screws). 

Anyways, while having the carpets cleaned I removed the Dynaudio spikes that came with the stands so that the speakers would be easier to move around as a whole because they weight 110lbs-ish each. 
When the carpet guy was done we put the speakers stands on some foam blocks to keeps them off the wet carpet until it dried. 
Later that night after getting the speakers dialed back in (I have certain measurements to get them back to where they were), I kept the foam blocks on the stands until I know they were right. 
Well, it actually sounds better with the foam blocks than the spikes. So now I’m on the hunt for something to actually use instead of the spikes. 
My room is carpeted  with carpet padding underneath on a second floor (a wood sub floor). So I need the ability to lock them down so they won’t get knocked over as I have a five year old. 
I’m not sure which type of feet I should use. Should I isolate or what what?
I don’t think I’d spend tons of money on something like this but I want to see what you guys would say. I’ve looked at the Gaia II feet and although they seem to come recommend I would prefer not to see them being silver in color...don’t know. 
Symposium Svelte Shelf is your solution. Completely decouples speaker from floor resonances
After I heard that Gaia demo at a show and was totally impressed.

I returned home and cut four maple blocks attached to my speakers base with that thick clear rubbery two sided Gorilla tape and that felt like slider stuff cut to fit the bottoms of the blocks to my wood floored Avalon’s.

I slid the now easily moved speaker to the one using three gravity mounted spikes. Playing a mono recording the sonic difference was a noticeable improvement, nothing like the Gaia’s but what the hell. Surly results will vary.

Compounded with the fact that the deadly, you don’t ever want to move to California’s Loma Prieta fault is about three miles away. I could easily be jaded. Regardless, my only worries now are tsunami and vehicles without ashtrays.
I use SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System for my speakers.
I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that decoupling the speakers led to your experience of better sound it might have been the height from being on the foam carpet pads. Maybe they sound better because they are aligned better with your ears at the higher position. Just a thought. 
What no one has asked thus far is in what way do they sound "better" to you? Ppl might have a better clue in their recommendations.