Anybody in Denver go to Audio Unlimited yesterday?

I didn't have the funds or need for equipment, but curious if anyone went to the "warehouse sale" as they close a long time local Pillar of the Audio Community. They advertised up to 50% off retail on some rather expensive gear, but with the weather I wonder if they had much attendance. They will be missed at RMAF this year.
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Your post is a bit vague, "as they close a long time Pillar of the Audio Community." Who are they closing?
John Barnes, the owner of Audio Unlimited, past away a couple of weeks ago. His wife decided to close the business that was run out of their house. He was pretty prominent in the Denver audio scene and with RMAF.
I knew that John passed away, very sad news. I did not know that they were closing shop. I visited there twice on trips to Colorado and enjoyed both visits. John and AU will be missed.
As Mofimadness indicated John Barnes owned and operated Audio Unlimited with a partner Carl whom has decided to close the business and advertised to the local customer base of a "warehouse sale" to be held Saturday last. I was curious if any AudioGon'rs attended and if so what their impression was of the crowd size and sale prices as well as selection. My thread was really directed at Denver area
members that may have received the same invitation, which would have been aware of the sale. The website is still up but outdated, however it provides information on products offered.
They are not closing the business, only the Colorado Ave. showroom, according to private correspondence from Carl.

Rumors, especially unfounded, can be very damaging.
The official report.....

The sale went very well and for the first few hours it resembled a crazed mob at Walmart clamoring for the last Playstation on release day. Sales remained steady through the rest of the day with some of the biggest sales towards the end of the day but the most volume at the beginning. It took most of the day today to simply deal with the overflow from Saturday and ship the requests from out of town folks who were smart enough to request an inventory list and reserve some of the goodies.

It was a great tragedy to have lost John at the young age of 59 but it was truly a pleasure to have worked with him for just short of 11 years and see his youthful enthusiasm for all things in life, especially good sound. It was our pleasure to serve the audio community and fulfill the dreams of our clients.

At the moment, it is true that the showroom is being closed and the future is uncertain. For 2011, our RMAF rooms on the Mezzanine will remain and will feature a tribute to John Barnes.

It is too soon to see what the future holds as the dust has yet to begin to settle.

For now, there are still some great deals to be had for those that care to inquire and much of the remaining gear will find its way here soon.

Happy Listening!