Interconnects to use

Morrow audio or Paul Speltz for pre/pro. marantz av 8003, Sherbourn amp 200/7 Monitor Audio gs 60. Also xlr or rca both can except xlr's.

If your gear is TRULY balanced... definitely use XLR.

Flavor however, is another story.
Does size or weight matter? The Sherbourn is awesome and a rack bender. Also, consider any macs?
Anti-Cables work very, very well for me in my system, but you must listen and determine what is best for you. Size/weight does not matter at all...the sound matters.
Morrow is silver plated solid core copper and I have no idea how pure the copper is and Speltz wire looks like common magnet wire. As far as speaker cables go the Morrow SP3 or SP4 is well above the magnet wire. I have not tried the Morrow ic's but I did have a couple pair of anti cable ic's a few years ago. They are a bargain. Another good deal is the Vintage Audio Labs pure silver solid core ic's on ebay. I am pretty impressed though with the Morrow speaker cables so my feeling would be to try the Morrow ic's.
Morrow audio is great...I'm trying ma3 right now, I would go with this and i'm buy ma4 later! I haven't try speaker cable but I don't have to guess, it must be great!...For Anticable, IC was little disappointment for my audio gear, but Speaker cable it's thanks for these guys I don't have to spend sooo much money cables..
Try Dynamic Design MK2 IC, very neutral and transparent.

How would you like to try an interconnect that is TRULY hand made? What I mean by that is instead of running a wire through a teflon tube and calling it an interconnect..OR, buying pre-manufactured cable that can be terminated with whatever plug you want...why dont you audition an interconnect which even the sheathing is completely had made. Let me specify a few specs that these interconnects have:

1 - best wire manufactured for conveying electrical signal that is composed of 2 types of material (Cu/Ag) wound together with a specific tolerance between coils.
2 - air dielectric
3 - shielding is layered in a calcualted number of wraps around the material surrounding the conductors. All hand made.
4 - the shileding material is an extremely thin Alum. foil that has a protective layer of polymer that blocks all moisture from entering the cable.
4 - cable is made to withstand breaking. No flimsy excuses for "delicate" engineering.

If you're looking for silly good value, try PNF Audio. I've had a complete loom from them for some time and I doubt if I'll ever go back to anything else.... Give them a try, you' be glad you did!
I am trying out the Morrow MA3 IC which I received over the weekend. They are not broken in yet of course but so far I have not had another IC give this big of a presentation. Volume and spatial cues are much more prevalant with a nice warm open feeling to them. I am probably going to have to give the MA4 a try with the upgraded connections. Not affiliated with Morrow Audio.
I'm using ma3 right now (Silver bullet eichmann). It's very good presentation with my mac. not affiliated with morrow either.