Integrated to drive GoldenEar Triton 2's?

I’ve been driving my GoldenEar Triton 2’s with a Rega Brio without much criticism. The Rega replaced a much more expensive Marantz PM11(?) and I felt it was an improvement. The Marantz sounded a bit dead in comparison. Using a Rega Apollo for CD’s and Music Hall MMF7.3 for vinyl as well as a Bluesound Node for streaming. Also using the KLH Ultimate 1 cans which I really enjoy.   Just home theatre here.   Jazz/blues/rock
Cambridge CXA81? Rogue Sphynx V3? Rega Elex-R? Peachtree Nova 150? Thoughts?

Theses are great speakers and deserve great amplification.
You want an amp that can do 4ohm without breaking a sweat.

Most solid states will do this, and at 91db efficient you only need an amp that can do a min of 50w more is always a better.

I suggest have a look at the Technics SU-G700 MkII (new GAN Class-D)
or if you have the extra $$$ the SU-R1000 (new GAN Class-D)
that Absolute Sounds raved about.

Then there are the Pass Labs Integrates the Gryphon Diablo integrates, and the Halo Parasond Hint6 integrates

I'd prefer all these over your posted ones

Cheers George

I have T1s that I used to drive with my Anthem. But I heard them demo'd with a Rogue Cronus Magnum and that was great. I do have a CM that I use with my Maggies and can attest that it's more than capable.
you seem to like a cleaner clearer type of sound, and if you like the smaller rega, it seems to make sense to just to move up their line

the cambridge units are also known to have that type of sound, although i don't know how it would compare for sq to the upper rega units

good luck