Room size - 12 x 16 w/ 9 ft ceiling.
Speakers; either Nola Brio Quattro or Joseph Pulsars

Integrated choices far
Mingda MC 368 ( KT150's) 
Vincent SV 237
Prima Luna Dialogue HP (KT150)

Any comments or experience with these or others for these speakers is greatly appreciated.

My vote would be the for the prima,really solid good sounding that would also hold better resale value if that ever comes up.

I have never owned either speaker mentioned but I have heard the pulsars and think that would be a fine matchup.

For tubes, I would definitely go with the Prima Luna HP integrated, for solid state I would recommend the Parasound Halo  integrated.
thank you both...much appreciated feedback
I would look at the rogue Cronus magnum with the kt-120 tubes if you prefer tubes. Very nice. The only problem is that it made my usher speakers a little wooly in the bass. I went with the Hegel h300 and couldn't be happier, 250 watts to control the woofers and still on the warm side.
I just got a Cronus Magnum Kt120 and it is no way sounding wooly bass here with my Usher CP 6371. Actually extremely nice all around.


consider Octave and Anthem 225 integrated amps to your list.

Not sure if you are still looking for an integrated or not, but i have a Vincent 237 i wouldn't mind getting rid of.  I also have a phono stage to go with it, which is a vincent PHO-700
+1 Anthem I225 Integrated Amp. Lots of power and options. 

I have a Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP.  I am using the stock EL34 tubes and my speakers are Harbeth Monitor 40.1's.  
I have never heard a better amp.  The Harbeths are fairly easy to drive but not easy to power to their optimum sound.  I can say with confidence that this amp drives them with oodles of power to spare.  
I love the beautiful midrange of the amp/speaker combo, but the thing that stands out with this amp is the bass.  It's really great.  I am not running a subwoofer and I still get plenty of clean sounding bass with this amp.  In the future I will probably roll some tubes but I figured I should give it some break-in time before doing so.