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Synergistic Research PHT - Phono Transducer
@lewm I also wonder what the technology is behind these tiny things.  They seem to be made from machined aluminum.  If they were magnetic, or made from special ferrous metals that could interact with the flow of energy within the cartridge I could... 
Synergistic Research PHT - Phono Transducer
I recently tried the Black Widow and Green Dream PHTs on my cartridge, which is a My Sonic Lab Signature Platinum, connected to a Manley Steelhead preamp. I tried each version for a couple of days and concluded that they were not for me. Yes, th... 
SUT With a Manley Steelhead RC?
@car123 Per your suggestion, last night I connected the TT to the MM input of the Steelhead and maxed the gain.  At first I kind of liked it, because there was excitement in the sound, but after awhile I couldn't listen anymore and switched it bac... 
SUT With a Manley Steelhead RC?
@lewm Thanks for this.  I don't understand all of this fluently, but I'm getting there.  Your help is appreciated. Cheers  
SUT With a Manley Steelhead RC?
@rsf507 Thanks for responding.  What phono preamp was feeding into with the MSL SUT?  
SUT With a Manley Steelhead RC?
@lewm Matching the gain setting on the SUT or preamp with cartridge output rating.  It sounds very different when changing the settings.  Sometimes if too much gain is added the sound it harsh and unrefined.  When not enough gain is added the musi... 
SUT With a Manley Steelhead RC?
@lewm Yes, I had heard that this is an option.  I might try it. Honestly, the gain is not the issue through the MC input.  I have plenty.  And I honestly have zero complaints with the sound of the Steelhead in general.   Just curious if the MSL ... 
SUT With a Manley Steelhead RC?
@billstevenson Thanks for your kind offer to lend me your Bob's Devices SUT.  I will let you know if I want to take you up on the offer.    
SUT With a Manley Steelhead RC?
@mulveling Thanks for your reply.  If I do buy an SUT it will probably be the MSL model, since it's made for their cartridges.  I've spent less money that that on a very good phono preamp so it's hard to justify, but it's an itch I've had for a lo... 
New Cartridge or New Preamp
Phono stage first all the way. I cannot emphasize this enough! I recently upgraded to a Manley Steelhead RC and what I had before I thought was as good as I could do, but this upgrade has blown my mind.  I have no doubt that you will experience ... 
New Phono Stage - KTE LCR-1 Mk5 Very Impressive!
@themollusk79 I do not notice any hiss or background noise at all with my unit.  They do say that you should keep the power supply as far from the main unit as possible to avoid noise, but mine are pretty close together and I still don't hear any ... 
Review: Holo May (L2) DAC and the Musetec Audio (LKS Audio) MH-DA005 DAC Compaired
Great review!  I still love my May KTE but am always interested in reading what others think about the May and comparable gear.  To me it feels like we are in a golden age of DAC development.    
SUT Advice - Which Ones Are The Best?
Lots of great responses.  I really appreciate it!Peter 
Upgrade Clearaudio Performance DC or move up to Ovation?
I owned a Performance TT a few years ago and contemplated this same move.  I really like Clearaudio and thought an Ovation made sense, but what I really wanted was an SME.  Luckily I found a dealer who had a NOS SME deck in their stock and wanted ... 
Terminator plus vs Holo Audio may KTE
Herb Reichert has compared these two DACs in his column.  Not a head to head comparison but this might be useful:https://www.stereophile.com/content/gramophone-dreams-40-denafrips-terminator-ares-ii