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Blue Note Tone Poet Series
I just ordered up some of the TP series titles.  Looking forward to getting them.  Although I've been a rock music guy for the most part, I recently cannot get enough of really good jazz.  John Coltrane is the bomb! 
Holo Audio May DAC
@cal3713 Actually, the first I heard of this DAC was in Stereophile.  Herb Reichert mentioned it in his column, and Jim Austin reviewed it separately.   
Holo Audio May DAC
@jjss49 Yeah, probably!  LOLIn seriousness, I don't know if these awards mean anything other than when a component I love gets the recognition it deserves it's exciting to hear.   
Holo Audio May DAC
The Holo Audio May DAC 3 won the Product Of The Year in Stereophile this month.  I couldn't find a web link to the article.  It will probably be up in a week or two.  I read this in the print edition. 
A move from Harbeth to... Wilson?
@yogiboy Thanks for explaining.  I think I understand what you mean.  IME, Harbeths are easy to drive but need a certain synergy with the amplifier to sound their best.  I have had a few amps that sounded "small" with my Harbeths in comparison to ... 
A move from Harbeth to... Wilson?
@yogiboy stated that Harbeths sounded "boxy".Can you define what boxy means? My imagination tells me that it would sound like the music was coming from inside of a box, but this does nothing to describe the sound. If the box were a closed box the ... 
A move from Harbeth to... Wilson?
I am a Harbeth 40.2 Anniversary owner and although I have no desire to upgrade, I have always been interested in Wilson's.  Since I have never spent any real time listening to Wilson speakers I really can't say what they sound like in comparison, ... 
Holo Audio May DAC
@nonoise Thanks for posting this review.   
I tried some fO.q tape on my Tri-Planar arm and hated it.  I also do not use the damping trough.  My TT is an SME 20/2, which does an excellent job of isolating the plinth on its own.  I know that tonearm resonation is partially caused by the vibr... 
Tom Petty's Wildflowers in HiFi sounds spectacular on KEF LS50 Meta
It's also spectacular on My Harbeth 40.2's.  What you're hearing is a great recording.  Very well engineered.   
Phonostage recommendations under $3K
I'm interested in hearing a Herron phono stage.  I've had a JC3+ for a few years and have tried a couple others costing quite a bit more.  Neither of these were anywhere as good as the JC3+.   
What are Your Favorite and Most hated Record Manufacturers
When you say manufacturer it can be confusing.  Most record labels do not press their own vinyl.  Analogue Productions controls their pressings through QRP, as they are under the same ownership.  This is important because most record labels cannot... 
John Coltrane A Love Supreme Acoustic Sounds 33 1/3 vs Analogue Productions 45
My copies of the new issues of A Love Supreme and Ballads arrived today.  Played them this afternoon and all I can say is I am very satisfied.  The ALS version is the best one I've ever heard.  Sadly, this album has been reissued many times with s... 
Record Store Day (RSD) Drop #3-Today!
I picked up a few:Grateful Dead Box SetBoth Dexter Gordon titlesMingus Ah Um ReduxAllman Brothers 2LP Live I got the last copy of the Allman Brothers release and another customer offered me $100 for it.  I said no.  Only missed out on one thing I ... 
Next Best Upgrade for Tidal MQA?
@bruxesq Don't rule out the streamer.  The quality of the source with digital is huge.  The DAC is also hugely important.  Cheers