Info needed on ADS L1530 speakers.

I'd like to hear from anybody who purchased the ADS L1530 speakers when new, and can tell me what years these were sold, and what the retail price was. There is a lot of erroneous info out there on these speakers(E-Bay) and I'd like the facts. Thanks for any help. Alan G.
The Stereo Review's Stereo Buyers Guide 1983 edition has the following description of the ADC L1530 speaker:

Acoustic suspension 3-way floor standing professional monitor speaker system with 2 10" high-compliance Stifflite woofers in separate chambers, 2" soft-dome midrange, 1" samarium-cobalt soft-dome tweeter. Features single switch biamplifier conversion, tweeter level switch, tweeter, midrange protection fuses; mirror symmetrical midrange/hifrequency baffles for minimum diffraction; walnut veneer finish with radius-edged solid walnut corner inserts, removable black cloth grille. Frequency response 25-20,000 Hz +\- 3dB crossovers 500 and 4k Hz; sensitivity 95 dB SPL/W/m; power rating 150 W nominal, 300 W peak program, impedajnce 6 ohms; 50/5/8" H X 23-11/4"W X 12-1/8"D..........$1250

This model was not listed in the 1984 Directory being superceded by the L1090 and L1290 and I do not have the issues prior to 1983, so I do not know when that series came out initially.

I do have a pair of these in my garage and I had just hooked them up after purchase to check them out. They did have one defective midrange and I replaced it with a similar one that came from an L810. I find they are good speakers for their time, truly full range with dynamic impact, but very dry. What is your comment on these speakers?
Thanks for your response, Jimjenjr. I question the $1250 cost, tho, as I recall these were originally sold for around $2800. That's why I'd like to hear from someone who actually bought them new. To answer you question as to what I think of the L1530's, I think they're great. I actually do own a pair, but because my new family room can't accomodate these large speakers, I purchased a pair of L1590's. However, and some may think I'm nuts, I replaced the tweeters/midranges/crossovers in the 1590's with the same stuff out of the 1530's. I didn't replace the woofers, as their physical shape doesn't match the 1530's. By doing this, I also was able to use my ADS C-2000 Biamp X-over without modifying it(the C-2000 has to be internally modified to work with the 1590's). By the way, if anyone reading this needs info on this modification, I'd be glad to share the info.
To be honest, I love the sound of this configuration much better than the original 1590's. The detailing is excellent, and the sound is fantastic. You'd have to try it to know what I mean. So I now have the size I can live with, and the sound I really enjoy!
Now I'm looking for more 1530 drivers and crossovers to put back into my 1530's. You may have noticed my ad in the "wanteds" in Audiogon looking for these. I don't ever plan to get rid of the 1530's, I like them that much!
Everybody's got such wild ideas of what the 1530's originally cost, that I'm having a tough time trying to get any replacements; to be blunt, they think they are worth a fortune. Thanks again for your input. Alan G.
Further to our discussion, could this ADS speaker be the missing link to what you're looking for relating to the price of the ADS speaker you think was the correct price?

ADS L2030 Monitor Speaker
Similar description to the L1530 provided yesterday except for the follwing differences:

2 14" high-compliance Stifflite cone woofers
Crossover 450 and 4k Hz
Frequency Response 22-20,000 Hz
Dimensions `55-5/8" H X 27-1/4" W X 13-1/8" D
Price $2095.00 per matched pair

This is per Stereo Review's Stereo Buyers Guide 1983 Complete Product Directory.

The prices seem to conform to the ladder of ADS speakers as you go up the line. When I have the time, I will even look for the actual review from the magazines of that era many of which I still have.

I hope this is of some help.
I don't personally know anything about these products but Michael Kelly of Aerial fame once told me he was chief designer for ADS back in that period. If you could get him on the phone, I imagine he would have a lot to share.
Great speaker, I bought them used about 2o years ago for $1500 they were $2400 new, fellow that sold them to me asked to buy them back 5 years ago and told him sorry, I was in love with them. Have never heard any speaker sound as nice in the bass areas. Now I am moving into much smaller digs and don't know what I am going to do.
I listened to the model 2030 years ago but did not listen to the 1530, very nice looking speakers and the best ADS speaker system I have ever listened to. The 1530 and 2030 were ADS statement to the world type of speaker to let everyone hear what this company could do. I'm not sure if they sold very many of them (High price for those days) but I sure thought they sounded good. The speakers I dreamed of owning back in those days were the Snell type A's but after I listened to the 2030's I liked them better. The 1530 looked like a smaller 2030 and must have sounded mush the same I would guess.
I have a 1981 Annual Review Buyers Guide that List's the ADS L1530 at $945.00 each. These have 2-10" Woofers, 1-2" soft dome midrange and a 1" soft dome tweeter.Crossover is at 450 Hz and 4000 Hz.Lower Bass limit is 25 Hz at -3 db. Minimum amplifier power is 10 watts.
Dan Lombardy
I own a pair of ADS2030's (0riginal owner). I believe they cost over $5000 in 1980.

Worth every penny.
Can you also post info on the ADS L1090 Speaker set from the Annual Review Buyers Guide 1983. I was looking for the Manual, Schematics for the speakers.

Bought 2 new in 1984 and 2 more after that.

I also have the ADS Sub 10 and the C200 Bi-amplification unit which allows A & B speaker pairs to be powered from same amps with speakers in different rooms.

I have the sales brochures and manuals so if there are any of you that want I can scan and post if there is a way to input scans?

PreAmp and Power Amps all McIntosh (MC 2125 & 2255 used with 2255 on high and mid and 2125 on bass because with the sub there was too much bass for me). ADS's rated at 300 and I wanted to make sure no accidental overloading.

Interesting fact, had bought 4 B&W 801's in 1991 to replace the ADS's (from same store I had bought the ADS's)and after they set them up I felt the ADS's were better sounding. The dealer had 2 guys and the salesman come out and check and listen, they took the 801's back and gave full refund.

There all sitting in a bedroom now as using Mc XRT 30's with 2 Mac 1200 watts and C200 driving them so hopefully explains how good the ADS's are. Sorry, my kids have dibs.

So all you guys with the ADS's, enjoy.
My husband purchased a set of these ADS L 1530 speakers.  They are outstanding in their field!!  But he's gone and I don't know what year he bought them.  It was in late 1970's or early 1980's I think.  I am selling them now.  I just put them on Craig's List.  Want $1,000 for the pair if you know of anyone who wants them.  I'll send pictures to interested folks, etc. 
I remember going into Waltham Camera and Stereo back in 1980 and comparing L1530 to L1230s. I found the 1530s to be boomy and slow on bass. Ended up getting 1230s. The price was 1200$ for the 1230s and 1500$ for the L1530s. The 1530s were used by Telarc to master alot of there early CDs when they first came out. They bi amplified them.
to the prrson trying to sell try the ADS Facebook group also....that speaker is thought highly of in those circles.... although maybe not at $1 k