Upgrade A/D/S L1530 midrange to L2030?

I am looking for help adding auxiliary mid's from L2030 into my L1530's. I need to know how the aux. mid's are wired in the 2030's (parallel, series or?). In operation are the mid's switched in all at once?. Does the main mid still operate when the aux. mid's are switched in? Can anybody help with a schematic, parts list, or pictures of L2030 crossover? Since both speakers use the same midrange and tweeter, and the crossover points are the same I should be able to emulate the crossover taking in to consideration the different woofer impedance and output.? Any help with any of these issues would be appreciated.
I can't imagine why anyone would want to add the aux. mids to the 1530, which is great speaker as is. However, contact Richard So at: richardso65@aol.com. He has all the info you might need, as he bought up all ADS' stock when they moved to the West Coast and has a lot of knowledge and parts for ADS speakers.
You can also contact Richard at ads-speakers@aol.com
He runs lots of ads on Ebay, category a/d/s in Consumer Electronics.
Don't even consider trying to do this. not only will you end up with a butchered pair of 1530s that will probably be worse for the effort (and likely worthless), but the likelyhood of finding L2030/1530 mids is slim... and they should go to people who need to replace blown drivers, not to some bizzare franken-speaker project. Enjoy the 1530 as it is, it's a great speaker. if you need a 2030, find a pair and buy them. you can't make a 1530 into a 2030 no matter how hard you try. Frankly, it also sounds like you lack the technical skills to really do this right in any case (presuming it was a good idea, which it's not), thus it is to be doubly avoided.
Good points Ed. Unfortunately the 2030's are much too large for my living space, and I have always felt that the 1530's were a better speaker. I purcased my speakers new after auditioning both. The woofers tend to color the midrange on both speakers due to a rather high crossover point. I have always felt that the 1530's were less colored in the midrange because of the smaller and faster woofers. I have alway's felt though that the 1530's could benefit from the ability to move more air in the midrange. The 2030 aux. mid's are the same mid's used in 810's and some 710's and are easy to find used. You may be right about my technical skills though ( that's why I am trying to get as much help as possible. My plan is to build a separate baffle for the midrange tweeter setup to audition the results before doing any irreversible modifications to the cabinet. You might be correct about it being a bad idea though (it scares me to think that I could lose the qualities that have always made this such a great speaker).