ADS L1530 Passive Crossover Schematic

Anybody out there have the schematic for the passive crossover used the ADS L1530 speaker? Or even from the L2030? I have the full size factory schematic for the ADS C2000 electronic crossover unit, which allows one to use bi-amplification for a L2030, L1530, or L1230. Can also be made to work with the L1590 with a simple mod. Be willing to swap schematics or work something out. Trying to bring back to life a L1530. Thanks. Harry. (708 456 4256).
Contact Ricard So at in Phoenix, AZ and he may be able to help you. He does service and has parts for ADS speakers.
Thanks for your input Sid42. I already contacted Richard So, but he does not have the passive x-over schematic for the L1530.
Jfetmosfet - I would be interested in obtaining a copy of the C-2000 factory schematic for the unit I have. What would you charge? Randy
I would be interested in obtaining a copy of the C2000 crossover schematic. I have 2 of these units but one has died.
The L1530 and L2030 speakers are great by themselves but really blossom when bi-amped.

Please advise as to cost etc.

Thank you!