Industrial grade steel storage rack as audio rack?

Hi everyone,

I recently came across this industrial grade storage grack that holds up to 250 pounds:

I was wondering if it would be ok to use this for my turntable and amp? Both components will first be placed on top of isolated platforms and then those platforms would be placed on the rack shelves.

Thanks in advance.
What turntable are you using and what isolation platform will it rest on?

Racks like this generally aren't that great for audio, but at that price it might be workable.
Price is right so little to loose trying but nothing about it indicates its designed for audio gear, a turntable in particular, which is most sensitive to its external environment and usually require a solid foundation and acoustical isolation to perform best.

Plus rumor has it that steel "rings like a bell" something all hifi lovers loath.
I use a cvouple of them to store wine. It never occurred to me that could be used for audio. You are going to have damped shelves on that one and not little cheap jobs. I agree these thins ring like a bell. All that said I would use something else, except if is dipped in damping compound (looks like paint.) Too much hassle, but good for records etc.
I agree with everyone else. Its just not designed for audio equipment. You don't have to spend a fortune, but at least get something designed for audio components.
My turntable is a Denon DP300F and my amp is a Music Hall A15.3. The platforms are from Timberbation and I plan on putting some aor organs feet as well if I end up going this route.

I wasn't able to find any audio racks for $100 or less with similar dimensions (the wire rack is height adjustable) otherwise I would have definitely gone with one.

Appreciate the advice so far.
I've reconsidered. Definitely don't do it. Instead try putting together a "custom" Ikea Lack equipment rack. The Lack side table retails for $13 and you'll need 2 or 3. Here's a link to images of what people have done with them as equipment racks. With a little imagination, a drill, some spikes, a saw and sorbothane you will have a far, far better rack than what you're contemplating and do it for less than $100. You can probably even use you Timbernation platforms.
Over the weekend I dismantled my DIY equipment rack built from slate. If you were anywhere near you could have the pieces and put it back together. Not the prettiest rack built. But talk about something that doesn't ring; knock on the slate and you get the dullest thud possible.
Check my system pics if you're interested.
I keep my turntable and related gear on a massive 2 foot high solid oak coffee table I picked up years ago in a second hand furniture shop down south for $30.

My amps rest on an antique wood footstool I picked up a couple years ago in a local antiques shop for about $25.

Used Furniture stores, flea markets, etc. are good places to look for effective older things to put your audio gear on if on a budget.

If it's a product marketed towards audiophiles, you can be sure you will pay a premium. Whether its worth it or not is up to the individual.