Incoming ... New Preamp

Today, I finally pulled the trigger on a new preamp. Bought a BNIB BAT VK-33 line stage to match up with my VK-225se power amp. This will supplant my 16 year old VK-3i which will be used in a second system. Yes, I know that the VK-33 was discontinued recently, but I got a pretty good deal and I dig the BAT sound. Music has been my solace in the last year since my Mom passed from COVID and my wife and I contracted it ... I had pneumonia on top of it, and almost didn’t make it out of the hospital. Thank goodness for Remdesivir! So, I figured I’d go for a new component as it has been made very clear to me that there’s no guarantee of tomorrow for any of us. Might as well enjoy while the going is good.
Sorry for your loss 😔😥

On that topic, my Mother has kidney disease and a very low GFR. This means she's very close to being on dialysis permanently. My Grandfather just had a stroke last week, but thankfully he is now stable. I don't know you, but I hope things improve for your family. 

I actually had to look up that gear...Sounds fantastic I'm sure. Really top notch based on what I've read.

@mastering92 ... thanks for your kind words. I wish the good things and good health for you and your family. These are difficult times, indeed.
I too am sorry for your loss. Back in the mid 90s I had a 3i. Then I won a VK-30 in an internet contest. Foolishly I sold the old preamp before the new one arrived. Hell, it had to be better, right? Well I was wrong. I was very disappointed with the VK-30 and didn't keep it long. I hope your experience is better.

I can relate with your story. 2016 I was diagnosed w/Stage 4 cancer. After 2 operations the second lasting 5 1/2 hours and receiving 2 infusions a month for over a year. I was declared cancer free. I still go every 3 months for a checkup. During that time I promised myself I'd get the Luxman PDA-171 TT which I wanted for a long time. Well I bought it. My reminder of the tough times. As you say life is short enjoy it while you can.