ikemi or cd23?

My system is...

Bryston 7B-ST's powering Maggie 3.6's and a REL sub, Rogue 99 preamp, Acoustic Zen cabling.

Musical tastes run the whole gamut -- you name it, I listen to it and want it to sound good.

Please do not recommend any other products, as I am working with a dealer that only has these models in that price range.

Thanks in advance for all your thoughts.
I don't know the CD23 but I love the beautiful music eminating from my Linn Ikemi. Good luck with your search.
I've owned the Ikemi, and I auditioned the CD23 before making my decision. To my ears, the Ikemi was the clear winner. The Cd23 has a smooth, warmish sound, but in comparison to the Ikemi, the top was rolled off, the bass and midbass were slow and "wooly," and the midrange seemed closed in. Audition them if you can with your components.
I have to admit that my Ikemi is the best I ahve heard and I think even when Linn produces a SACD player I will probably keep it unless the new player sounds as good on redbook. The one thI like is the ability to dis-engage the digital output from the remote to get a more pure sound.
I have not heard the CD23 but I know my Ikemi sounds great. I compared it to several players, some costing a lot more and it was the clear choice for both sound and build quality.